20 X-tra Special Beauty Tips #BlogchatterA2Z

20  X-tra Special Beauty Tips1

20  X-tra Special Beauty Tips

Beauty and Grooming are a topic, I am passionate about. Here I am sharing 20 X-tra Special Beauty Tips with you all. I counsel many brides to be and other girls and boys about their beauty related problems. I had a grooming school before, but now I counsel through my Facebook page, Beauty Tips with Elan. Usually, I take queries in the inbox and I respond there. Later if the problem is long or Bridal tips then on the phone or Skype, as per demand.

20 X-tra Special Beauty Tips for you.

1. Homemade Beauty Tips for Fairness:

Most of the times we look dark because of the tan we get by going out in the sun. A good way to get rid of it is by applying a mixture of gram flour, lemon juice and yoghurt on the parts that remain exposed to the sun. Let it be on your skin for sometimes and then take a shower. You’ll look fresh and bright. All the fairness creams are just hogwash. They are composed of bleach which will only damage your skin.

Healthy skin is what one should strive for. Fair or dark, one always looks great when the skin is soft and glowing and that is one of the most important Beauty Tips for Fairness that one should follow.

2.Just Blink

Do not rub your eyes if a speck gets in or for any reason instead just blink your eyelids. Blinking is a good massage and exercise to the eyes.

3. Vaseline

Before you go to bed, lavishly apply Vaseline and after that pop on a pair of cotton gloves. Your hands will be amazingly soft by morning.

4. Massage that Moisturiser

When applying your moisturizer, neither rub it in nor pat it on. Gently massage it in, always in an upward direction.

5. Sea salt

Sea Salt removes dry, flaky, dead skin. Wet face (or anywhere on the body), apply a couple of tablespoons of sea salt, then GENTLY massage with wet fingers. Focus on the T-zone and cheeks, but avoid the eye area. After one or two minutes, rinse with cold water to tighten the pores. It is important to do this regularly, or face creams will not penetrate. You can do this maximum once per week. Salt Rubs are what give Parisian women that glow. One cup of sea salt is mixed with half a cup of peppermint tea and formed into a paste. It’s used either as a shower gel or scrubbed before getting into the shower!!!

6. For whiter nails-

Soak your nails in water with lemon juice or lemon slices. The lemon acts as an astringent and will strip away stains. Once your hands are dry, you’ll only need to put on a couple of coats of a clear topcoat.

7. Castor Oil

Apply a thin coat of castor oil on the eyelashes and eyebrows every night. It strengthens eye-lashes, makes them longer and cools the eyes. It actually works!!

8. Dark Circles Under Eyes…

To lighten dark circles under your eyes, wrap a grated raw potato in cheesecloth and apply to eyelids for 15-20 minutes. Wipe off the residue and apply an eye cream.

For Computer Tired Eyes…Age old way of placing cucumber slices or cotton pads drenched in rose water or even cold teabags.

9. Cinnamon & Honey for Acne

Do not pinch your pimples or zits as they are called now……Make a paste by mixing 3 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it next morning with warm water. Repeat for two weeks, pimples will disappear forever.

10.Chipped Nail Polish:

There is no excuse at all for stepping out with chipped nail polish. If your remover has run out, make sure you buy a new bottle before applying that deep pink polish. As soon as your nail polish starts chipping, which may be after around 3-4 days, either apply another coat or remove the polish. If you don’t have the time to remove it, then by the same logic you shouldn’t have the time to apply it either!

11. Orange juice

Orange Juice is great for an instant glow. All you need to do is dip your fingers in the juice and pat your cheeks, chin, neck, and forehead. Wash off after ten minutes.

12.Natural tips for healthy hair

20  X-tra Special Beauty Tips

Tips for Soft Silky Hair. Every woman wants a look of smooth and silky hair. I have come up with some tips that will surely help you to have soft and silky hair.

Hair Masks

Yoghurt mask-

It gives you soft, shiny, manageable hair. To make yoghurt mask, whip an egg till until it foams. Then add 1/4th cup of organic yoghurt and mayonnaise. Mix all the ingredients and apply on wet hair. Now put a shower cap or wrap a plastic wrap around your head. Leave the mask for 30 minutes and then wash with a mild shampoo.

Banana mask –

It makes hair shiny by providing nutrients and proteins to each strand of hair. To prepare the mask mix egg, banana and half avocado in a bowl. Now add buttermilk, honey, and olive oil and mix all the ingredients. Apply the mixture on your hair and leave for about half an hour. Using a mild shampoo wash with cool water.

Mayonnaise mask –

To increase shine and reverse damage directly apply a liberal coating of mayonnaise to your hair. Leave for an hour and wash using mild conditioner. It helps to nourish and moisturize hair follicles.

Don’t Blow Dry-

If you want to have soft and silky hair then use less heat on them. Whether it’s for hair styling (heated irons or rollers) or for drying your hair avoid any type of heat on your hair. Limit their use only till the special occasions if you want silky hair. All these make your hair dry and brittle thus making them prone to split ends.

Use a restoring conditioner on a weekly basis- Restoring conditioners are a weekly nutrient dose for soft and silky hair. Deep moisturize your dry hair and use restoring conditioners, especially if there are split ends.

Oil Massage –

The hibiscus flowers are commonly grown but we do not know the benefits of it. Take 4 or 5 dried flowers and boil them in 250ml of coconut oil. Before applying to your hair add 1 tsp of castor oil and 2 capsules of Vitamin E. Massage this into the scalp nicely and rinse off after an hour or few hours as you want to. Repeat this twice every week and in a few weeks, you will notice the difference, as I did. My hair was falling in bunches and I thought at my age I am going to lose all my hair. But once I started this strengthened oil, my hair is fuller, healthier and glossier.

Take half cup of warm olive oil and gently massage it on scalp and hair. Add a capsule or two of Vitamin E for extra nourishment. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash to get soft and silky hair.

Trim split ends each month. This is the most effective way to get rid of them and to make your hair stronger at the same time.

For Dandruff

 Massage the Scalp with pure coconut oil. This will also help the growth of hair.

 Apply coconut oil which has been boiled with small onions for about 20 minutes. Wash it off with a mixture of green gram powder and water drained from cooked (boiled) rice.

Apply a mixture of almond oil and gooseberry juice with finger tips on the scalp.

 Apply the warm mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, and coconut oil. Do a steam -towel- wrap for 15 minutes and wash the hair with a mild shampoo.

Apply a paste of fenugreek and mustard to the scalp.

Crush the leaves of five petal hibiscus flower and take the juice. Wash the hair with this juice.

Heat oil with a little camphor. Apply the oil in the scalp and massage for 10 minutes. After 30 minutes wash the hair with a herbal shampoo. Do the steam -towel- wrap for 15 minutes

13. Apple Cleanser

Whenever eating an apple, do not discard the skin. Use it as a skin cleanser. Just rub the inner side of the peel in an upward direction and let your face dry. Then, wash with cool water and pat dry. This helps tighten your skin.

14. Cleansing

Always remember that simplicity itself is a beauty. Cleansing is the most important step in our skin care. In fact, most of the problems that we have on our face is a result of clogged pores! Even if you do not put on makeup, it’s advisable to use a gentle makeup remover at the end of the day to remove away the environmental pollutants & etc. Or just dip a cotton ball in milk and wipe it off.

15. Banana Peel

Once you’ve finished eating the banana don’t throw the peel away; put it to good use. Banana peel is also loaded with potassium and can be used to reduce wrinkles around the eyes. Rubbing a fresh banana peel, yellow side out, under and around the eyes can reduce worry lines and bags.

A banana peel can also reduce the itching and swelling from an insect bite. Again just rub the peel on the bite or for extended relief tape some peel to the bite. Psst….when u run out of time and shoe-polish buff ur shoes with a banana peel 🙂

16.Female body shape types

20 X-tra Special Beauty Tips
Pic courtesy http://bit.ly/2bodyshapes

There are five main types of female body shape: Apple shape (or round), Pear shape (or triangle/ bottom heavy), Strawberry shape (or inverted triangle/ top heavy), Hourglass shape (or curvy) and Rectangle shape (also known as straight, ruler, or boyish) women. The styles of clothing that look great on an hourglass figure won’t necessarily flatter a pear-shaped woman or an apple shaped woman so it’s important you find the one that suits you best

17.Cucumber Magic

Cucumber is a natural astringent. It also helps tighten the skin and slows down the ageing process. Hence, cucumber is a must have in your beauty regime. Grate a cucumber and extract the juice. Apply the juice on your face with a cotton ball. Let it dry on your face for 20 mins. Time-to-time, re-apply the juice. Rinse your face with cold water when the juice dries completely. You can also preserve the juice in the refrigerator and use every day for brilliantly glowing skin.

18.Natural tips:

Aloe gel: remedy for burns

Natural Moisturizer: Avocado, Honey

Blackheads: Nuts

Smooth skin: Coconut Milk, Yogurt, Oatmeal

Skin Cleanser: Yogurt

Skin Pores: Honey, Nuts

Skin Nourishment: Milk

Skin scrub: Fenugreek seeds

Dry Skin: Olive oil

Soft Skin: Oranges, Lemons, Pineapple, Vinegar

Skin Bleach: Yogurt, Honey, Oranges, Lemons, Pineapple

Dark circles under eyes and wrinkles: Cucumber, Nuts

Astringent: Honey, Oranges, Lemons, Pineapple

Skin Conditioner: Egg white for normal and oily skin, Egg yolk for dry skin


Please first try on a small area of skin to see if it suits you.

19.Home remedy to minimize the growth of facial hair….

Mix sugar with lemon and water. Apply it in the direction of hair growth and wash it off after it dries. Follow this twice in a week and apply a paste of turmeric powder and milk in a circular motion to depress the facial hair.

20. Coffee Cures

Remember the shining stars of yesteryears that ruled the Bollywood world for several decades? Hemamalini, Padmini, Rekha, Sridevi, Vyjayanthi Mala -They are all from the coffee lovers of Tamil Nadu and now their beauty secrets are attributed to the coffee they drank.

Throw away the facelift lotions and creams. Just take a nice cup of coffee :p and if you have access to the latest Nescafe, then choose it as it comes with the beauty-enhancing ingredient collagen.

20  X-tra Special Beauty

Try this wonderful Hibiscus face pack. it works wonders.

If you want to keep getting more beauty tips then please like my page on Facebook…… Beauty Tips with Elan

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