Harjeet Kaur About Me

I am Harjeet, a scrabble loving bookworm and a young grandma of two toddlers.  My name actually means one who wins over everyone, so be prepared! I am a freelance content writer and the answer to all your content generation needs. I thrive on writing and content writing gets my adrenaline pumping. Stringing words and vocabulary is my passion as well as my bread and butter. Whether it is lifestyle content, ghost-writing, blogging, features or articles, covers the whole gamut of writing that I can pen down. My writing has been much appreciated as it attracts, engrosses as well as captivates.

Communication is my strong point and I get across thoughts right from the heart.  An avid and dedicated blogger, my blog is valued by family and friends alike.

South India is my home and I am proud of my city and state, especially the golden mangoes we get here. Standing at a crossroad of life, I want to expand and explore my horizon. Travel is on the agenda and while doing so I would like to share my experiences through my writing. Travel leads to learning about new cultures, foods and places to explore.

Initially, I knew only how to cook but I had to raise two kids by myself having been widowed young and consequently I had to wear the pants in the house. Despite the fact that life has given me a raw deal, I learnt to fight.No doubt it was an uphill task but I guess it was worth it. Tough times teach us a lot about ourselves and those around us and I think it has made me a tougher person. Now my kids have grown up and I am very proud of how they have turned out. They are now my strength.

Being a true blue Aquarian, I am a free spirit, (but Yoga keeps me grounded) like you can’t bottle the four winds in a jar, or tie down the clouds. I may be a bit like a tempest, but I am not scary, hang on and be my friend to learn that I could be the best friend ever. Born gregarious, I get along with everyone. I bloom on “Friends” and friendship.

I harbour instinctive empathy and a knack of comforting and counselling people.  Spending time with youngsters rather than my peers keeps me young. Babies and kids amaze me and I am completely besotted with them.

I am a grand visionary but I have a very humanitarian approach to life, grounded to mother Earth. I love people around me and I learn a lot from every individual who crosses my path. The personal lives of everyone from the valet to the bellboy to the little boy who cries down the lane interest me. People chase rainbows, but I live in one! You may see me having a dreamy, wandering expression, but I do not live in the clouds. I have a good sense of humour when I am ribbed.

I believe in

1. Read, read, read and then Write.

2.Spread smiles not germs

3. Men and Women are both from Earth= Equal.

4. Work hard, stay humble.

5. Love yourself and you will love everyone else.

6. The only way to Live  is to let others live

7. The richest legacy is Truth.

8. You do not choose family you choose friends.

9. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

10. Empathy is stepping into another’s shoes.

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