Green Moong Ki Khichdi Recipe with Kale

This Green Moong Ki Khichdi Recipe with Kale demands a lot of ghee so please be generous while adding ghee. Green Moong dal adds much needed protein kick and the Kale lends the punch.

Kuttu ki Roti Recipe

Kuttu ki Roti| Recipe How to make Kuttu ki Roti
When wheat and rice are not on the menu then you look for healthier options like Buckwheat flour. Kuttu ka atta is a staple during Navratri fasting. The dough is a bit tricky to handle but once you get the hang of it, it is easy.

Roasted Makhana Recipe-Navratri Vrat Recipes

Roasted Makhana
Fasting during Navratri; the word itself gives me hunger pangs big time! Even though you would not be able to consume a lot of food items, there are many that will keep you hale and hearty

Lauki ki Kheer Recipe

Lauki ki Kheer is Easy to Digest
Carrying on with my Vrat recipes, today I am sharing a Lauki ki Kheer Recipe. When you are fasting it is recommended that you have more fruits and deserts.