Mango-Coconut Jelly Recipe

Mango-Coconut Jelly Recipe-This is one recipe that has won me prizes for best photograph .as well as best mango dessert. One thing that remains pure, natural and unchanged until we live, is the love of a mom. Unadulterated, unconditional, deep and genuine affection. She only expects the happiness of her child more than anything else. This Mango-Coconut Jelly Recipe is an epitome of mom’s love which is so wonderful. Happy Mother’s Day to each and every mother on this planet. While browsing through YouTube, I came across this recipe for Mango-Coconut jelly and that too in Japanese. I didn’t understand...

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Easy Mango Desserts

When it is summer who can resist the king of fruits-Mango! Small or big, juicy or hard, raw or ripe are chopped and consumed just by themselves or as Juice, shakes, smoothies, lassi, mango custard or ice cream jelly. Summer is almost over and so are my mango dessert posts. Here I have brought 10 awesome mango desserts on one page to make it easy for your reference. Mangoes are great as long as they last and I try to make as many desserts as possible. So try out these easy recipes which are on the hyperlinked text. Mango-Yoghurt Pudding...

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