creamy coconut sandwiches recipe
  1. first of all, break the coconut, take half of it and peel the hard shield.
  2. grate it with a grater or as i did, grind it in the hand blender. i usually grate my nails along with the coconut so i refrain from grating it.
  3. i use the hand chopper to do the shredding easily and safely. but do not make it into a paste. it should be cottony soft.
  4. in a bowl mix the hung yoghurt and the coconut, add salt to taste and a finely chopped green chilli or a spoon of chilli sauce if you like it a little spicy like i do.
  5. now spread a thick layer of this white creamy paste on the bread slice. cover with another slice and cut into triangles.
  6. heat a griddle and pour a teaspoon of olive oil on it or ghee. once the oil is hot add the mustard seeds and let them splutter.
  7. mustard seeds fly all around when they splutter and can scald the skin, so please be safe.
  8. now place the bread on the griddle and grill both sides.
  9. remove creamy coconut sandwiches onto a serving plate and serve hot with a chutney or a sauce.
  10. i attain foodie nirvana when i bite into the heavenly sandwich and savour the creaminess. i eat them slowly and relish every mouthful.
  11. if any of you make these creamy coconut sandwiches, do let me know, where you learnt it from. those who didn’t, try out this easy idea of mine and let me know if you find it just as yummy as i do.
Recipe Notes
  1. You can cut the bread into any shape u like
  2. Serve with any chutney or sauce u like.
  3.  You can grill the bread without the mustard seeds too if you do not like them.