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  1. For the French Toast
  2. Firstly crack an egg in a bowl, add the rest of the ingredients; milk, cream, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla extract and whip nicely till fluffy.
  3. Heat a skillet and add the butter. Dunk the split burger bun in the sauce and toast until crisp and golden brown.
  4. Toast it well and don’t fret of it sticking to the pan as it has egg. The Bun is covered in the egg-milk mixture and will stay sturdy.
  5. Once done, remove and set aside.
  6. For the Chicken
  7. In the same skillet, add the butter and toss the boiled and shredded chicken. Add salt, pepper and mixed herbs. Sauté well and set aside.
  8. For the Poached Eggs
  9. Fill a pot with about 3 inches of water. Add the vinegar, season with salt and bring it to a simmer. Using the spatula, stir the water into a whirlpool. Gently slide an egg into the centre of the pot. The water should swirl around it, allowing the egg white to envelop the yolk.
  10. Check the egg after 3-4 minutes. Lift the egg out of the water and feel it for firmness. If it is still wobbly then slide it back for another minute.
  11. Let it cook until the whites are just set, but the yolks are still runny.
  12. Once the egg is perfectly poached, remove from the water.
  13. Let it drain on paper towels. Set it aside and repeat the procedure for the second egg.
  14. Assembling the Eggs Benedict
  15. Take a platter with the kale leaves and cherry tomatoes set on it. Place the French toasted burger bun. Cover it with a cheese slice.
  16. Top it with the other half of the bun and pile the herbed chicken on it.
  17. Finally, slide on the poached eggs. And sprinkle with chives, salt and black pepper.
  18. And Voila! Your Easy Eggs Benedict Fusion Style is ready to be served!
Recipe Notes

1. The yolk in the poached egg should be runny

2. Use bacon for a real eggs benedict

3. Serve with hash browns or salad of your choice.Easy Eggs benedict Fusion Style