Ganesh Modak Moulds
  1. Method for Coconut Modak
  2. Take desiccated coconut in a bowl. Add sweetened condensed milk and vanilla essence.
  3. Mix well using a spatula. If you take a portion and grasp in your hand you should be able to form a ball. Or else you can add little more condensed milk.
  4. For the chocolate ganache heat butter, snickers, Nutella and cream on a double boiler to get a thick gooey sauce.
  5. Now grease the moulds with little ghee. Open the mould and place a ball on the centre opening of the mould. Close and press the modak mixture to the sides and pipe the chocolate in the centre. Close the bottom with a little bit of modak mixture.
  6. Then open the mould and carefully remove it and place on the plate.
  7. With the same mixture, you can make stuffed laddoos as well.
  8. Chill this in the fridge and serve.
  9. Method for Shrikhand Modak
  10. In a pan take the hung curd and sugar and cook till it leaves the sides.
  11. Remove from fire and set aside to cook, stirring in between.
  12. Add all the rest of the ingredients and make a soft pliable dough.
  13. Place a portion of the modak mixture into the mould. Stuff with the crushed pistachios, almonds and walnuts. Demould and set aside.
  14. Make modaks with the rest of the mixture, and serve.
Recipe Notes
  1. Use the condensed milk one spoon at a time.
  2. Make fillings with your choice.
  3. Grease the moulds nicely
  4. If shrikhand Modak doesn’t bind add semolina to the yoghurt while heating.