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  1. Firstly, dice the guava into four parts. Scoop out the seed part if it is too hard with a paring knife.
  2. Set aside half a guava chopped into tiny pieces to add crunch to the ice cream.
  3. Chop roughly into chunks. Place in a blender along with one cup of water.
  4. Do not blend it till smooth as you do not want to crush all the seeds.
  5. Now, strain the blended guava and set aside.
  6. Meanwhile, whip cream until soft peak and add the condensed milk.
  7. Give it a speedy whisk and add the blended guava puree.
  8. Now give it a quick whisk to blend all three ingredients. Add in the tiny pieces of guava and fold in gently.
  9. Pour into a wet ice-cream mould, seal with cling film. Freeze overnight or 6 hours.
  10. Finally, scoop and serve Pink Guava Ice-cream with Chilli Powder. Dust some hot red chilli powder over it for that final kick!
Recipe Notes

1. You can use regular guavas too

2. You can add colour if you likeĀ 

3. Sugar can be adjusted according to suit your taste.

4. I used Amul cream but you can use whipping cream

5. The tiny guava chunks are optional

6. Do not use chilli powder for kids.

7. You can even sprinkle some kaala namak.

8. If the ice-cream is hard to scoop, keep aside for 5 minutes before scooping 9. dip the scooper in warm water before scooping.

Guava Ice cream scoops