Plantain Baskets Topped with Guacamole & Chicken Tikka
  1. Method for Plantain Baskets
  2. Start by peeling the plantains, then cut them into 1-inch slices. Fry the slices in plenty of hot oil until they are lightly browned.
  3. Remove plantains from the oil and use a heavy bowl to crush them (be careful not to break them apart).
  4. I took a terracotta diya or lamp and pressed each plantain slice into it and formed a basket shape. Remove and mould all the baskets. Then re-fry until golden brown and set aside.
  5. Method for Tikka
  6. Firstly, wash the boneless chicken and pat dry and place in a bowl.
  7. Add salt to taste, red chilli powder, ginger-garlic paste, pepper powder and juice of one lime. Smear the chicken pieces nicely and keep aside.
  8. In another bigger bowl, add the Greek yoghurt, cumin, coriander, garam masala powder, Kasuri methi, turmeric, food colour, cream, fresh coriander, oil and make a smooth silky marinade.
  9. Add the boneless chicken pieces and coat them nicely so that they drown in this rich marinade. Give a mix. Cover the marinated chicken and set aside for 4 hours.
  10. Instead of grilling the chicken in the oven, I just pan-fried them
  11. Take a non-stick pan, add 2 tbsp. oil and heat it. Place the marinated chicken on the pan and grill till nicely roasted on all sides. Remove and set aside.
  12. Method for Guacamole
  13. I’m sharing a guacamole recipe that I learnt from my Mexican Samdhan.
  14. To prepare the avocado, simply scoop the avocado flesh into your bowl with a spoon. This is a lot easier than dicing it. Diced avocado pieces are slippery.
  15. If you have a gorgeous red summer tomato, you can chop and use it but my recipe doesn’t call for tomato. I also skipped the garlic, because I added it in the Tikka marinade.
  16. I also added 1/4 teaspoon ground coriander, which offers the irresistibility factor. Coriander is a little trick that I learned from Sylvie. Using a fork, mash up the avocado until it reaches your desired texture quickly add the onion, jalapeño, lime juice, coriander, and salt. Stir to combine.
  17. Assembling
  18. Now that all your components are ready, it is time to assemble the hors de oeuvres. Take the baskets. Place a dollop of avocado in each fried plantain basket, then top with a chicken tikka and a sprinkle of crushed red and pepper.
  19. Your Plantain Baskets Topped with Guacamole & Chicken Tikka hors d’oeuvres are ready to be served. A fusion of Mexican and Indian Cuisine just like my son, an Indian married a Mexican girl!
Recipe Notes

You can add any topping

Add only vegetarian

Make paneer tikka