1. Firstly, cut the radish into small pieces and transfer into a bowl. Wash the radish greens and spring onions. Shred them and set aside.
  2. Subsequently, heat oil in a non-stick pan. Add asafoetida, mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Let the seeds crackle.
  3. Now, add the chopped spring onions and greens, Sauté.
  4. Next, add all the greens. Meanwhile, it will release a lot of water.
  5. Lastly, add the chopped radish pieces. Now you can add the salt, sugar, chilli and turmeric powder.
  6. Sauté till the leaves and radish pieces turn soft.
  7. Finally, add the besan and sauté until blended well. The besan will enhance the taste and nullify the odd smell of the cooked radish.
  8. Serve Radish or Mooli aur Patte Ki Sabzi Recipe hot with roti or Nan. It tastes divine on a cool winter afternoon.
Recipe Notes
  1. Choose fresh leaves
  2. The radish should not be dry and hard
  3. Besan is optional.

Radish or Mooli aur Patte Ki Sabzi Recipe