Tri-coloured Pudding Recipe
  1. Firstly, grate the carrots after washing and peeling.
  2. Next, take a pan and add the grated carrots. Cook till the water evaporates and the carrot is nice and soft.
  3. Now, reduce the flame and add the sugar. Do not stop stirring once you add the sugar or your carrots will lose colour and burn.
  4. The sugar has excess water so let it dry up. Subsequently, add the ghee and roast the halwa till you get the desired consistency and colour.
  5. Crush the cardamom in a pestle. Cardamom is tiny and if it is difficult to crush just add a spoon of sugar and you will get a nice powder.
  6. Finally, add the sugared raisins and caramelized almonds.
  7. Set the gajjar ka halwa aside.
  8. Method
  9. Firstly, wash and soak the rice at least for an hour.
  10. Subsequently, heat a pan and add rice, coconut milk, and water together in a saucepan. Let it simmer for 20 minutes or till rice is soft and sticky.
  11. Add the sugar and keep stirring or it will burn. (This dessert is good for arm exercise!) I live in the coastal area and I love coconuts ad if you are nutty like me, add some thinly diced coconut pieces for that extra crunch.
  12. Transfer the sweet coconut rice to a bowl and set aside.
  13. Method
  14. Firstly rinse, peel and grate lauki.
  15. Now, heat the ghee in a heavy pan on medium flame. Next, add the grated lauki and sauté well.
  16. Sauté lauki till the moisture evaporates.
  17. Subsequently, add the sugar, cardamom powder and green food colour.
  18. Keep stirring till the halwa thickens.
  19. Remove from fire and garnish with the caramelized almonds. Set Aside.
  20. The layering of Tri-coloured Pudding Recipe
  21. Take a tall glass or mason jars or any container of your choice.
  22. Spoon the lauki halwa at the bottom and make a thick layer.
  23. Next, add the sweet coconut rice. Press the layers down with the spoon
  24. Finally, top with the carrot halwa.
  25. Your Tri-coloured Pudding Recipe is ready to be served warm or if you want it cold then refrigerate for a couple of hours.
Recipe Notes
  1. You can use milk for lauki and carrot halwa
  2. You can make rice kheer instead of coconut rice
  3. Serve this pudding warm or cold

Tri-coloured Pudding