Sugar and Ice and All That’s Nice

My First Book- Sugar and Ice and All That’s Nice

A new beginning, a new chapter of my life, a new calling-Wordsmith finally becomes an author stringing words into beautiful garlands. For me, writing is like thinking on paper.
Sugar and Ice and All That’s Nice is my baby

The D-Day is here and I am all set to launch my first ever eBook Sugar and Ice and All That’s Nice in association with @blogchatter. Friends, I am looking forward to your love, support and suggestions.

Sugar & Ice & All That's Nice

Summer Drinks and desserts

What’s a hot summer day without a glass of freezing cold mocktail?  Requiring minimal work in the kitchen, these frozen decadent treats are perfect for your thirst-quenching repertoire. Mixed and matched seasonal produce to make these refreshing and scrumptious desserts.

Click the link and open the Pandora’s box-Sugar and Ice and All That’s Nice.Download the recipe book, it is free for a limited time. Do not forget to like and share it.

Sugar & Ice and all that’s nice!


Make your summer cool with these Sugar & Ice & All That’s Nice. Passing down my love of drinks & desserts to the millennials with these quick and easy recipes. This book is filled with chilled mocktails & yummy desserts that are fun. A cookbook designed for young and old finding their way around the kitchen for the first time. Cool methods with minimal ingredients but scrumptious. Simple and easy-to-follow.


Harjeet is a freelance content writer and a versatile cook, who likes traditional cooking but has developed simple recipes. Not compromising on taste and high on presentation, her culinary skills have been appreciated. She has won many laurels locally and online.


I started reading at the age of 5 and I always dreamt of becoming a writer. Now at the age of 55, I am poised to publish a recipe book! It is a dream come true and I need to thank the special people who have made me what I am today.

To my Parents

First of all my mom who was the best cook in the world. My first book is dedicated to you. Your special ingredient “love” made the simplest recipes taste divine. Your tomato rice recipe with a dash of pepper has become a favourite of the third generation. Your summer drinks were awaited the whole year through.

Thank you Baji (dad or bauji) for choosing me to your favourite child amongst us five and making me feel so special. You taught me to be move with the times, be positive and to believe that doing good always reaps a bounty.

To Him

If it wasn’t for your encouragement, my dear husband, I would never have cooked anything more than rice and dal. You were always large hearted and played the perfect host to my table. Thank you!

To My Son & Daughter

My son, along with your dad, you spurred me on to stir up new-fangled recipes. And I would cook up different recipe names and change a few ingredients. Sitting on the kitchen counter top you would keep asking me about all the spices and I never knew when you learnt to dish out gourmet meals.

My daughter, you were a fussy eater and drove me to present my food in different shapes to cajole you to eat. Your dad did not let you anywhere near the kitchen and I used to think that you would never cook but am glad you proved me wrong.

To My Daughter-in-Law & My Loves

I thank you Karina, for increasing my family from 3 to 6 and for opening up the doors to Mexican cuisine. My grandsons Arian and Amir who follow their dad and granddad and seem to be budding gourmands and make me the happiest G ma in the world.

To all my friends

Finally to all of you dear friends who follow my culinary posts religiously on Social Media; thank you for appreciating my Kitchen Capers and driving me on to better myself. Keep showering me with your love and download Sugar and Ice and all that’s Nice

To Manas

Special mention; Manas Mukul – You’re a great mentor. Thank you for helping me out; I really appreciate your compiling this book for me. I totally appreciate it. Some people deserve more than just a thank you. Just like you!

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