How to make Chocolate Paan
Chocolate Paan is the ultimate end to a sumptuous meal.  Firstly,  let me tell you that I love paan and my husband used to indulge me often even though he never ate it. Now I rarely eat it and today I decided to make and eat this funky Chocolate Paan which bursts with divine flavours. The chocolate lover that I am it is something that I can gorge on as a dessert.
  1. Wipe the Paan leaves and coat with the Paan chutney. I opted out of lime or Chuna.
  2. Spread all the Paan leaves with the right side facing down .Add a little bit of all the Paan ingredients to the leaves.
  3. Melt dark chocolate in a bowl on a double boiler and add fresh cream to make a thin smooth sauce.
  4. Shape each paan leaf into a cone and pour a spoonful of the chocolate sauce into it.
  5. Dip the leaf in the melted chocolate and place on a plate lined with foil
  6. Chill in the refrigerator till the chocolate sets.
  7. Serve chocolate paan cold as the chocolate will melt.
Recipe Notes

If you want to make paan at home, you should store the leaves, lime, Katha, Gulkand in the fridge. It will be fine for at least 5 days.

Did you know that a single leaf of betel can fetch up to one dollar or more in the international market?

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