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Hi, I am Harjeet Kaur, your content writer for almost any topic.

Need a freelance content writer for your site or copywriting? Hire me!

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Stringing Words and Vocabulary is my passion and my bread and butter.

My writing attracts, engrosses and captivates.

Hire me for all your lifestyle content, ghost-writing, blogging, features or articles.

The answer to your content generation requirement is here.

Communication is my strong point, and I get across thoughts right from the heart.

My writing is:

Lucid and thought-provoking.

My vibrant content can be used as a lead generation tool.

My area of expertise include

I had a weekend column in the newspaper which was much appreciated. I started off writing about Interiors and Gardens and later diverse topics like Fashion, trends, food, and events in the city.

I have written for reputed newspapers and magazines, and I pack a lot of experience.

Copywriting – If you want to convert a copy of your website, I can do that for you. I can transform bland copy into the convincing copy.

Blog writing -Well, I love blogging as you can see I blog on my blog regularly and can blog on yours too.

Ghost-writing – Let me do your writing for you. I can customize your copy and save you time, money and writing worries.

Editor – I am a keen editor as well and can go through any of your documents with a fine tooth comb.

My portfolio is full of content for websites, features, articles, fliers, brochures, social media and even speeches.

I love writing, and I am open to writing on a variety of topics. My blog has some interesting insights into my life, travels and of course a whole lot of food!

I promise total professionalism and will meet your deadlines for sure.

Fun facts about me

🎵 I like to break into song in every mood.

👶 I love babies, kids, and young people as they say that if you keep the company of the young, you stay young.

🙂 I have an infectious smile, and I like to spread it around.

✍️ I thrive on writing and writing gets my adrenaline pumping

📚 Reading and cooking are childhood passions and organic gardening, therapy and my way of contributing to a greener world.

✈️ Travel is my oxygen, and the travel bug has a sharp sting

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