Tomato Soup with Garlic Roll

Tomato Soup with Garlic Roll After the Radish Paranthas( burp!) it was time to come up with Easy cooking idea, so Tomato Soup with Toast it was. Well, technically we are in winter season though tropics are always warm. If you are following breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince then dinner should be frugal, isn’t it? Time to bring on some Veggie soup! Now don’t be surprised, a sure you know that soups are a great option nutritionally and a light meal for dinner.(I can hear the murmurs from the non-vegetarians deriding veggie soups ) Vegetable soup on...

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Coconut chutney, Kandi Podi & Karvepakku podi (Gunpowder)

Coconut chutney, Kandi Podi & Karvepakku Podi (Gunpowder) Coconut chutney, Kandi Podi & Karvepakku podi (Gunpowder) are accompaniments to Idly, Dosa, Rice or most South Indian recipes. Today’s post is in continuation of yesterday's Idli one. Sharing with you the recipes of Gunpowders and Coconut chutney or dip. My first few memories of childhood are hazy but my taste buds still salivate when I think of the Gunpowder (because it is spicy) and rice that I ate as a kid. The only other neighbours in our street were a Brahmin family, Uncle who was an RMP, aunty and their four daughters. All...

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