Tambola Theme Games|Holi|Punjab

Tambola Theme Games|Holi|Punjab

Thandai for Holi

Tambola Theme Games|Holi|Punjab

Kitty Parties

Bringing you innovative Tambola Theme Games|Holi|Punjab. The word Kitty Party brings to mind lavish do’s in five-star hotels with women dressed to the nines, playing cards and sipping wine. But I beg to differ as our Kitty group is totally opposite. The word ‘kitty’ meant to pool money for certain card games.  Later, the women started raising fix amount of money according to their pocket.

But our Tambola Kitty is just a fun party with unique Tambola games usually based on a theme followed by a buffet lunch. There is no kitty money in this. We pay a certain amount for lunch and games every time.

Hum Paanch

Fun Group for Tambola Theme Games|Holi|Punjab

Cool Gals

We are 58 ladies in the group; yes you read right not 10 or 20 but 58 and it is usually organised by 5 different ladies and held at noon on a monthly basis. Everyone is punctual as there is a lucky dip at 12.30 for 2 lucky ladies who arrive before 12.30. It is a simple kitty Party; there is NO gossip about other’s lives, no bitching, no hurtful words, no arguments. Some light-hearted moments, tambola games that we especially made for them to play. Lots of good food, snacks, beverages and starters and dessert.

Gujiya for Holi
Coloured rice for Holi
Holi Lunch for Tambola Games with a Holi Theme

Like-minded friends for Tambola Theme Games|Holi|Punjab

You just form a group with likeminded people and it is actually a good way for women to bond with other women from the same background and age group. Don’t you think?

The other day it was our groups turn to host the kitty and we were in a flurry of activity deciding our dresses more than anything else first. On our trip to Egypt, we had bought the Egyptian Galebias and five of us decided to wear them. The next day was Holi so we based our décor and games on the Holi theme.

Holi decor for Tambola Games with a Holi Theme

TTambola Theme Games|Holi|Punjab

Finding interesting and stimulating games is not easy every time and a lot of brainstorming and research is involved in deciding the games. (Did you think kitties were frivolous? Think again!)But we did come up with 5 simple but really innovative games. Firstly, we formed 6 groups of 8 ladies in each and they were named after different colours. Just make different colour cards and let each pick up one from a bag and sit at the particular coloured table.

Group names in Colours for Tambola Theme Games| Holi|Punjabi

Game 1

Lucky Tambola Tickets for Tambola Games with a Holi Theme
Lucky Number Tambola for Tambola Games with a Holi Theme

The first game in Tambola Theme Games|Holi|Punjab was Luck By Chance. Distribute two tickets to each and every member at the tables. Behind the ticket numbers from 0 to 9 are written. For example, the ticket above has the number 7 on the back. So, what you do is you tick out all numbers that have seven in it. The top ticket has 37, 47, 71 and 87 while the second ticket has only 17 and 74. So strike them out and play the game as it is. Tambola numbers are called out as usual and these numbers are counted as ticked even though they are not called out.

The dividends for this game were as follows….

Jaldi Five

Young ..all numbers below 50

Old…..all numbers above 50

Lovebirds..2 numbers side by side

Twin Ladders.. Two ladders in one ticket

6 lines

3 Housies 

Game 2

Pachi Pandu Game for Tambola Games with a Holi Theme
Pachi Tickets
Pandu Tickets  for Tambola Games with a Holi Theme
Red Pandu Tickets
Pachi Pandu Tambola Tickets for Tambola Theme Games| Holi|Punjabi
Blue Pandu Tickets

The next game was Katti – Batti or Pachi-Pandu as we call it here. These are two symbolic gestures used by children to indicate they are friend or enemy to each other. Katti means like unfriending your best friend from Facebook and Batti means after few days sending him friend request again after fight gets resolved.

So, if there are 7 ladies at a table, you give seven tickets. Three same coloured tickets with Pachi written on each, 2 pairs of different colours each with Pandu written on them. Each one picks up a ticket. Those who pick up Pachi tickets play the Tambola alone as usual. But those with the Pandu tickets play as a pair. For example, if the dividend is Jaldi 5 then if one amongst them checks 3 numbers and the other two they can claim it. So those with the Pachi tickets are at a disadvantage while the Pandu have the advantage.

The dividends need to be simple for this game.

Jaldi 5

1 number in every vertical…total 9 numbers should be struck

Star…four corners and centre number of centre line

3 Lines

3 Houses

Guess the Numbers Game for Tambola Theme Games| Holi|Punjabi
Guess The Numbers

Game 3

Game 3 was a fast and easy game called Guess the Numbers. On a six ticket page, we crossed out 12 numbers…2 in each ticket (use a marker). Handover one six ticket page to each group. In a minute or two ask the group to find the missing numbers. Every six ticket page has all the 90 numbers so it’s quite easy to check and find the missing numbers.

Game 4

Tambola Theme Games|Holi|Punjab
Twinning Tambola

The fourth game is called Twinning Game. Each player gets a 6 ticket page to play. The coins are divided into two bowls; from 1 to 45 and 46 to 90. There is no need for a board. The caller takes out one coin each from the two bowls and calls out. For example, she calls out 12 from the below 45 bowl and 72 from the above 45 bowl. If anyone has both these numbers in a single ticket they win an amount. We gave 100/- each to the first 25 players who won. Isn’t this an interesting game? Let’s go twinning!

Game 5

Actual Ashta Chamma Game Board
Original Game

Finally to a very novel game; Ashta Chamma is a two- or four-player board game from Andhra. It is an Indian board game, played during the era of kings. I remember spending hours of my summer vacations playing with my cousins. It is like an ancient version of Ludo. It is played with cowries and when we didn’t have cowries we would split tamarind seeds and use them like dice. Anyway, here we are going to play Tambola with an Ashta Chamma board game ticket. Give each player a ticket on which there are 6 blank boxes. Give them sketch pens to write numbers in the grid and announce that they cannot cross or change those numbers

Ashta Chamma Ticket for Tambola Games with a Holi Theme

Ask them to fill the blanks with any 6 numbers from 0 to 9. If you have written the numbers;    2   8    6    9    3 0

The Host calls out number 63 then you write 63 in your start column. In this way, you move forward.

The dividends are Pink Pichkari, Green Pichkari, Blue Pichkari, Yellow
Pichkari, Purple Pichkari and Orange Pichkari.

The last square is the winning post. Have three Housies and finish your tambola games with a flourish.

5 new Tambola Games with a Holi Theme, how are they?

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Tambola Theme Games| Punjabi Theme

Punjabi was the theme of the day with all the ladies dressed to kill.

The tambola games were unique and interesting.

Punjabi Dhaba

Punjabi Dhaba

The first was Punjabi Dhaba-the printed ticket had eight pictures of Punjabi Dhaba dishes. There were pairs of Makhan-Lassi, Chole-Bhature, Rajma-Chawal, Sarson ka saag-Makki di roti.

The dividends-

  1. Each block is a dividend and has 5 numbers. When you finish one block you can claim a prize.

2. Each pair is a dividend- like if you finish Rajma-Chawal you can claim a prize.

3. Housie would be when you finish all the blocks and say “Punjabi Dhaba”

The Patiala House

Tambola Theme Games|Holi|Punjab Patiala House Game

This game has one large disc named Patiala and the other five are linked to it- Peg, Parandi, Jutti, Phulkari, Salwar.

  1. Only when you finish Patiala you can claim the combos.
  2. The dividend would be Patiala and Peg together. Likewise the rest.
  3. Final Housie is Patiala House when you complete all

Colour Tambola

Take 4 tambola tickets and colour as in the picture.

Each colour is a dividend. The white in the centre too.

Then the whole ticket is Colour Housie.

Kitty Party Games Written

Kitty Game

Answers: 1.3 2.20th 3.3 4.6th 5.13th 6.80 7.7 8. ½ 9.11th 10.2 11.10 12.2/3 13.7 14.16

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  1. I know the only 5th game. We used to play it is our childhood. Also in every Deepavali, we play similar(extended form) game called Pagade, the game which comes in Mahabharata. Enjoyed reading your post! Will read again to know the other 4 games.

  2. I know Ashta Chamma! Also I love the new dimesnions you’ll added to Tambola. Your group and their activities sound so awesome! I love the picture of you all in your Egyptian dresses. The Holi themed food looks absolutely delicious, especially that multi hued Falooda.

    • Thank u Mayuri…we picked up the Galebias’s in Egypt. we are 60 ladies in this group and it is total fun. Every time 5 of us get the chance to host. We don’t even collect kitty money…just for lunch and games. We rack our brains over the games…Ashta channa too we played as Tambola

  3. The company of female friends is unbeatable. I’m a part of women’s club, and we meet often over cultural activities and lunches; and it’s a true pleasure. The word “kitty” has gotten a bad name though in reality it’s just a money-saving scheme!
    Great idea for the tambola games, I’ll try them out sometime. You all look lovely in your matching outfits!

    • Very true Noor..we have no time to gossip…we started travelling together…last year 18 of us to Bhutan..this year 19 of us to Egypt…all hassle free.
      Thank you..we are wearing Galebia’s we picked up from Egypt 🙂

  4. I just loved your dress and the yummy food and the whole post is so interesting, a very different topic to write about and present so beautifully. Kya Baat hai 🙂

  5. Wow! I am impressed by your kitty group… so organised and focused. Have bookmarked this post and will share these interetsing Tambola games with my mom so that she can use it in her group. Thanks for a detailed post on this, Harjeet. And you and your friends look lovely in Egyptian Galebias. The food is tempting and I am feeling hungry at 1.30 am 😀

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