All About Eggs and Yolks

All About Eggs and Yolks| #BlogchatterA2Zks Easter eggs Bunny

All About Eggs and Yolks

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Can you tell me which one came first? The chicken or the egg? You can keep on arguing until the end of time! There’s something about eggs that I just can’t resist – I love them! Let’s learn All About Eggs and Yolks here. A single egg offers numerous cooking possibilities.

All About Eggs and Yolks| #BlogchatterA2Z- Fried Eggs

Eggs and Me

Eggs and I have an “On-Off” relationship. My dad loved soft, smooth scrambled eggs, and I followed in his footsteps. As a kid, I loved the scrambled eggs my mom made and still do. Mom gave us boiled eggs when we had a bad throat or cold, sprinkled with more than a generous dose of pepper. Those were good times when no one checked their cholesterol levels. Then I turned vegetarian and stopped eating eggs altogether. I never missed the meat, but I missed eating eggs. I am an ovo-vegetarian and I am not depriving myself anymore.

Eggs are Vegetarian?

Subsequently, one day my students gave me a challenge and asked me to prove that an egg is vegetarian by eating an egg in front of them! And I did it. Can a teacher be wrong, right? The market eggs are unfertilized and incapable of hatching into chicks, regardless of how long you keep them. Eggs do not have life in them. Eggs then made a comeback in my life. I need the protein is my excuse but the real reason is I love eggs. Don’t you agree?

All About Eggs and Yolks- How do you like your eggs?

All About Eggs and Yolks| #BlogchatterA2Z-Boiled eggs
All about Eggs and Yolks

A mind-boggling question with a list of answers; Boiled-hard, soft, half-boiled? Scrambled soft or cooked well? Plain Omelette, stuffed omelette? Poached egg? Fried egg; sunny-side-up, over easy, over medium? The list goes on. In All About Eggs and Yolks, I am sharing the basic cooking or egg recipes and egg facts.

All About Eggs and Yolks| #BlogchatterA2Z-Boiled Eggs

Hard Boiled—

I cooked an egg in boiling water for 10 minutes, making sure that both the white and yolk were done.

Soft Boiled—

Boil an egg in water until the whites are set but the yolk is still runny.


Eggs that are removed from their shell and then cooked in boiling water or anything else.

Scrambled eggs or egg bhurji—

We beat eggs well and then add them to a pan. You can add milk, cream or cheese if you want to. Scramble the beaten egg gently until it is a soft texture. But most Indians like to cook it with onions, tomatoes, chillies and till it is nice and firm.


Eggs that are beaten and then cooked quickly on a griddle. Again, the omelette could be soft or done until nice and red. We usually stuff and fold omelettes with fillings of cheese, bacon, meat, vegetables, or a choice of ingredients.


Beat eggs with ingredients like cheese, vegetables or meat and cook slowly till it is nice and brown.


Eggs mixed with cream, butter or sauces and baked in a ramekin or bowl until the egg whites set and the yolk is still runny.

Fried Eggs

 Fried eggs
All about Eggs and Yolks

Fried eggs are the most talked about. My daughter would call it Sun anda and my son Moon anda when they were kids while my grandson eats eggs any way you cook them. Perspective is; sun or moon, assuming that the name refers to the way the egg yolk looks like the morning sun or the waning moon.

There are many types of fried eggs-
All About Eggs and Yolks

Sunny Side Up—

is a fried egg that is cooked only on one side and the yolk is runny but the white is cooked nicely. It means the sun can shine in all its glory. And you can sop up the sun…oops yolk, by dunking your toast in it.

Over Easy—

After we cook on one side, we flip the fried egg and cook with the yolk-side down till the yolk is not runny or totally cooked.

Over Hard—

a fried egg that is cooked on one side and then flipped. The yolk side is down and when the yolk is completely cooked only then it is served.

Over medium fried egg

it would be in the middle of over easy and over hard obviously.

We have deviled eggs, and scotch eggs and Indians have taken eggs to great levels with egg curry, as toppings for biryani and gravies, egg salad, egg in soups, custard, bell pepper eggs, quiche, frittata, egg toast, egg dosa, egg paratha, waffles, french toast, shakshuka, eggs benedict, asides with other dishes and the list just goes on.

All About Eggs and Yolks| #BlogchatterA2Z
All about eggs and Yolks

All About Eggs and Yolks

Use fresh eggs for the best results. If the egg yolks are fresh, they will keep their shape and not run all over the place. My kids would refuse to eat a fried egg if the yolk was runny.

Also use warm, room-temperature eggs, not eggs straight from the fridge, especially for baking,

Make use of Clarified Butter or cow ghee if you can as it won’t burn or discolour the eggs. The eggs won’t stick to the pan too with ghee. Or else any vegetable oil will do.

Use a non-stick pan preferably and a wooden spatula. All of us are not seasoned chefs to flip the egg without a spatula.

All about Eggs and Yolks
All about Eggs and Yolks

The utmost pleasure is to watch my grandsons relishing my cooking, eggs or otherwise.

All about Eggs and Yolks
All About Eggs and Yolks| -Arian

Did you enjoy this Eggilicious treat of All About Eggs??

How to Peel Eggs Easily?

I boil eggs for exactly 10 minutes and add a teaspoon of vinegar to the boiling water and I am sharing my quick and easy way of peeling eggs. Just take a glass jar and add half a cup of water. Put the boiled egg inside and shake the bottle. The peel comes off easily. Try it, it works.

Few of my egg recipes….

Savoury Corn Waffles

Mexican Chilaquiles Rojos Recipe

Shakshuka with flatbread

Kale-Mushroom Bread Crusted Quiche CupsCrusted Quiche Cups 

Egg Curry

Baked Chicken Rice or Biryani

Tangy Chukkakura Shakshuka

Kale Frittata

Eggs Benedict

All About Eggs and Yolks| #BlogchatterA2Z
All About Eggs and Yolks| #BlogchatterA2Z
Print Recipe
All About Eggs and Yolks| #BlogchatterA2Z
All About Eggs and Yolks| #BlogchatterA2Z
Print Recipe
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  1. Your blog post about eggs and yolks is a delight to read! The way you break down the nutritional benefits and cooking tips is both informative and engaging. I appreciate the variety of recipes you provide as well.

  2. Samata says:

    You can serve me egg in any format to me and I will love to have it and thank you enough. You can call it as one of my weakness when it comes to any easy to cook item. Now reading this post I am again hungry for eggs.

  3. Alpana Deo says:

    I loved this post. All the pictures looks so tempting and the information you gave is equally good. I only make boiled egg, scrambled egg, and egg curry. My son like mini egg quiche. On a. lighter note, I wold love to have one such hearty breakfast on Mother’s Day:)

  4. The post is too good, especially the way you opened up the whole encyclopedia of eggs.

  5. Neeta Kadam says:

    Ha, ha. Love egglicious post! Clearing out each terms which we used in our cooking. While I learned how to make poched eggs. That is the one I never try yet. Rest of pictures look tempting. I want to gobble it all😋 I am non vegetarian and I live egg in any form.

  6. Madhu Bindra says:

    I loved reading your post. Scrambled eggs are my favorites. I am surely going to try your tip to peel the eggs. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post.

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    I’m an out-and-out egg lover, give it to me in any form. This eggilicious post was sure a treat. The picks are just too tempting. Loved the creativity with the sunny side ups.

  8. Varsh says:

    My family loves eggs and I’ve learnt few dishes that always turn out right. My son likes sunny side up while my daughter is an omlette fan. Husband prefers scrambled eggs on toast. Such a versatile ingredient to work with, really! Will try few more you’ve mentioned here.

  9. Eggs being vegetarian or not is a debate that my husband and I used to have. He used to follow an eggaterian diet even when he is on lent telling that it is vegetarian. However the fact that it is one of the most healthy sources of protein

  10. Eggs are so versatile and so easy to cook and a great source of nutrition specially lean protein. It is one of those foods that are completely digested by the gut and hence it is also recommended for convalescing patients. I share your eggcitement !

  11. Wow the recipes and the photos look so delicious I want to eat all this right out of the laptop hahhaha… nice work here! I love eggs!

  12. I do not eat eggs but husband does. I make routine Omelette recipe for him at least once in a week. now, after reading you post, I got plenty of ideas to make more egg recipe. will try them for sure. thanks for giving me these amazing ideas.

  13. Eggs is any form is what I love, especially fried eggs… I love your tip for pealing egg, it sounds easy and effective will try super soon

  14. MeenalSonal says:

    I am not an egg lover, but the dishes look very tempting. I loved how you have given cute shapes to the dishes. I am sure kids will love them a lot.

  15. Neha Sharma says:

    That is one eggilicious post with so much information, all about eggs and yolks. It’s a treat for people who love eating eggs. When I was a kid, I used to eat eggs too and my fav was omelet and egg curry.

    • Never seen so many recipes for eggs. The post looks colourful. For me, Sundays and Wednesdays are incomplete without 3/4th cooked eggs with hot idli.

  16. Swati Mathur says:

    Oh wow.. Egg can be cooked in so many ways I have learned from your post. I make omelette, egg burji, boiled egg and egg curry. Now I have many more options. Thanks, I am bookmarking this post for sure.

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