Crunchy Coleslaw Recipe

Crunchy Coleslaw recipe

Crunchy Coleslaw Recipe

Cabbage is synonymous with detoxification and weight balance as we all know. It purifies the liver and it’s merely 17 calories per cup! It means we can have lots of cabbage.

There are many health benefits too of cabbage.

1. For the GI tract Cabbage juice can be a miracle healer. Research shows that drinking fresh cabbage juice can set right ulcers much faster than orthodox treatments.

2. Cabbage can fight breast cancer. The cabbage contain molecules called isothiocyanates as it is a part of the popular cruciferous family of vegetables. These molecules are specifically known for their anti-cancer properties for fighting leukaemia, prostate, breast, and lung cancers.

3. Cabbage has a lot of vitamin K.  Our bones hinge on vitamin K for strength.  This fat soluble vitamin is found in cabbage that helps in the mineralization of our bones. A deficiency of vitamin K can lead to damage such as the hardening of blood vessels.

4. Cabbage comprises of antioxidants. Cabbage has high number of polyphenols known for their antioxidant power.  One of the great things polyphenols does is shield our bodies from oxidative damage, particularly our skin.  Scholars say that people with a diet high in polyphenols undergo less damage from UV rays than those with poor polyphenols consumption.

5. Cabbage contains necessary fatty acids. Cabbage has an amazingly good content of essential fatty acids (EFAs), especially alpha-linolenic acid (a type of Omega 3). Studies show that EFAs considerably improve inflammation in cystic fibrosis.

Made with finely shredded cabbage, grated carrots and mayonnaise with a dash of vinegar or lemon juice, this Crunchy Coleslaw Recipe that is a refreshing salad used in sandwiches mainly and layered in burgers. Am sure you never thought of making it at home. It is so very easy…do try it. I used it in these Spicy Mushroom Burgers or even in Chicken Sandwiches


1 cup Cabbage shredded 

1/2 cup Carrots grated

1/4 cup Green Bell Pepper finely chopped

1/4 cup Red onion finely chopped

1 Green Chilli finely chopped

1 teaspoon vinegar or lemon juice

4 tablespoons Mayonnaise

1/4 teaspoon Black pepper powder


Crunchy Coleslaw recipe

To begin making the Crunchy Coleslaw Recipe, finely chop the cabbage, green chilli, onions, bell pepper and grate the carrot.

Crunchy Coleslaw recipe

Mix all the coleslaw vegetables in a bowl. Add the mayonnaise, vinegar or lemon juice and black pepper powder. Mix well with a spoon.

Taste the coleslaw salad and add, salt, sugar according to your taste.

Cover the Crunchy Coleslaw and refrigerate for at least 1 hour for the flavours to blend well.

The Crunchy Coleslaw is ready to be used.

Crunchy Coleslaw recipe
Crunchy Coleslaw Recipe
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Crunchy Coleslaw Recipe
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