Dainty Mini Paneer Tikka Burgers

Dainty Mini Paneer Tikka Burgers

Step up your burger game with these delightful Mini Paneer Tikka Burgers! These petite burgers offer a nutritious, protein-packed indulgence with paneer tikka in soft buns, ready in 15 minutes. Whether it’s a quick snack for the kids or a sophisticated hors d’oeuvre for your dinner party, these Dainty Mini Paneer Tikka Burgers are a versatile treat. You can enjoy them any time of day.

  • 6 mini buns
  • 6 chunks of fresh paneer or cottage cheese
  • 1 tbsp olive Oil
  • 1 tsp each of salt, red chilli powder, and either pav bhaji masala or chat masala
  • 6 tsp of garlic mayo
  • 6 tsp of tandoori mayo
  • 3 tsp Butter
  • 6 lettuce leaves
  • 6 roundels of onion
Dainty Mini Paneer Tikka Burgers

1. First, slice the mini buns in half, and set them aside.

2. Heat olive oil on a griddle. Grill the paneer chunks on a griddle until they are nicely roasted on both sides.

3. Transfer the grilled paneer to a plate and sprinkle it with the spices for an extra burst of flavour.

4. Preheat your oven while you assemble the burgers.

5. Spread a generous layer of garlic mayonnaise on the bottom half of each bun.

6. Place a crisp lettuce leaf on top of the mayonnaise.

7. Arrange the spiced roasted paneer on the lettuce, followed by the onion roundels.

8. Drizzle each burger with a dollop of tandoori mayo for an added kick.

9. Butter the top half of the buns and press them gently onto the burgers.

10. Place the assembled burgers on a grill rack in the oven for ten minutes at 260 degrees.

11. Once grilled, transfer to a plate, insert a toothpick into each burger and serve them with your favourite sauce for dipping.

These flavorful burgers are perfect for your loved ones or your next gathering. Enjoy the taste of indulgence of deliciously Dainty Mini Paneer Tikka Burgers with a healthy twist without the guilt!

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Dainty Mini Paneer Tikka Burgers
Dainty Mini Paneer Tikka Burgers
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Dainty Mini Paneer Tikka Burgers
Dainty Mini Paneer Tikka Burgers
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Harjeet Kaur

Harjeet Kaur

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Comments 7

  1. This has given me new breakfast ideas. I feel like making it instantly, so yummy and easy to make. Gonna try soon.

  2. Tina Basu says:

    These look so cute. I like the tantalizing fusion of flavors in this paneer tikka burger – a delicious twist on a classic favorite. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Ruchi Verma says:

    These Mini Paneer Tikka Burgers blend traditional Indian flavors with a fun, bite-sized twist. Perfect for parties or a family snack!

  4. Two questions, Doesn’t the lettuce become soggy if I bake it in the oven with the burger?Secondly , while grilling the panner how much time should roughly be given, my paneer become dry if if keep it for more than a minute.

    • Harjeet Kaur says:

      Burger is in the oven for few minutes and it turns crisp, ideally. Heat water and add a tsp of turmeric to it. Dunk the paneer cubes in this hot water and cover with a lid for some time. Then grill it. It will not become dry at all.

  5. Dipika Singh says:

    Mini Paneer Tikka Burgers offers a delightful fusion of traditional Indian flavors in a fun, bite-sized format, making them perfect for parties or as a family snack. I will make them with my daughter in these summer vacations.

  6. Varsh says:

    Oh, these dainty mini burgers are so cute and tempting! Tandoori mayo has a lovely flavour and I’m sure will make them taste great. Will surely try recipe this out.

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