mexican corn cakes | gorditas recipe

mexican corn cakesgorditas recipe

mexican corn cakes | gorditas recipe

savory stuffed and puffed delicious corn cakes; mexican corn cakes | gorditas recipe is an equivalent to our very own punjabi stuffed parathas. you can stuff them with anything you like but traditionally they are stuffed with chilli braised pork or tender meat. i visited my son´s mil in guadalajara, mexico and she made these yummy discs in front of me. knowing i am a vegetarian she stuffed some with grated cheese, beans sauce, scrambled eggs in salsa and even mashed potatoes.

there is so much more to mexican cuisine than just nachos, quesidillas or tortillas.these gorditas were such a revelation.

mexican corn cakes | gorditas recipe by Sylvia

imagine we met we spent time together we even went on a trip together but we didn’t converse as she speaks only spanish and thanks to google translate we got to communicate or it is only sign language. sylvia,  is a great cook and was so adept at making the dough and patting the corn cakes with her hand into perfect discs which she pan-fried on a long griddle. i saw her flipping the hotcakes with bare fingers just like we do our rotis.

these corn cakes are made from masa dough and have a crisp exterior and a soft, steamy, tender interior which is stuffed with any fillings. serve them any time and they will just disappear off the plate.

Click for the recipe of the tomato salsa and avocado dip.

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recipe for beans sauce


2 tbsp oil

2 garlic cloves peeled

2 cups black beans boiled

1 teaspoon cumin

1 tsp chilli powder

salt to taste

1/2 lime, juiced


Black beans

heat oil in a heavy pan over medium heat.

cook garlic cloves in hot oil until brown on both sides.

smash garlic cloves in a skillet with a fork or better still with a pav bhaji masher.

stir the boiled beans, cumin, chilli powder, and salt into mashed garlic and cook until beans are thoroughly mushy. stir occasionally.

smash the bean mixture with a potato masher to chosen texture. you can make a paste or keep them almost whole.

squeeze the lime juice over smashed beans and stir until combined. you can prepare this sauce and store it in the refrigerator.

recipe for mexican gorditas or corn cakes


2 cups masa flour

vegetable oil, for frying

1 cup beans sauce…basically rajma

1 cup mashed potatoes mixed with spices

4 eggs scrambled topped with salsa sauce

1 cup grated cheese

cream for serving


Masa dough
gordita disc

make a soft dough with the masa flour. wet your hands; roll masa dough into golf-ball-sized balls. pat the balls into flat 4-inch discs about 1/4 inches thick. see that the edges don’t crack. cover and set aside for some time.

mexican corn cakes gorditas recipe

heat a griddle and cook the corn cakes evenly on both sides. flip them and roast till nicely browned and crisp. you can add oil if you want to.

Open the corn cake

using a sharp knife make a cut in the cakes to open up the center.

scrambled eggs

fill each mexican gorditas or corn cake with heaped spoonfuls of cheese or baked beans or braised meat or mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs.

mexican corn cakes gorditas recipe

if you like cream then smear top half of gordita cake with cream like we smear butter on parathas.close the cake and serve immediately with salsa or beans sauce.

Mexican salsa
mexican corn cakesgorditas recipe

mexican corn cakes | gorditas recipe is ready to serve but beware as they can be really very hot on the inside. i went to a restaurant and ordered for gorditas and i was served a mushroom filling on an earthen platter with salsa and salad.

mexican corn cakes | gorditas recipe
mexican corn cakes | gorditas recipe
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mexican corn cakes | gorditas recipe
mexican corn cakes | gorditas recipe
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Recipe Notes
  1. The dough is like makki atta
  2. Use fillings of your choice

Harjeet Kaur

Harjeet Kaur

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  1. Looks doable except for the masa flour. I guess we can substitute with makki attack, right?

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