How Tequila is Made: Inside the Distillery

How is Tequila Made in Distillery

The Tequila City Tour was very fascinating and I got to learn the actual process of How Tequila is Made: Inside the Distillery. I am sharing the captivating process from the start; harvesting the agave plant to distilling and ageing process of the much-loved spirit. Cheers! 1. What does Tequila mean? The word Tequila probably comes … Read more How Tequila is Made: Inside the Distillery

Tequila City Tour

Tequila City Tour

How I took the Tequila City Tour The Tequila City Tour was definitely an enlightening experience. I was in Guadalajara, Jalisco which is a few miles away from Tequila city and I wanted to make the most of being this close. I was rather ignorant about Tequila the drink until I visited Tequila – The … Read more Tequila City Tour

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