The Great Indian Election Circus: 2024

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I have been intertwining with politics since college when I delved into civics. My son chose engineering; but my daughter’s unexpected decision to study Political Science Honours intrigued me. If my husband was alive, I am sure that he would be in the fray as well. Despite being a topper in school and her peers choosing medical or engineering, she opted for humanities. A college placement as a research scholar set her on her political quest and she ventured into political research. Here is my insight into The Great Indian Election Circus: 2024.

Esha Singh Alagh, now a director at IPAC, started her political journey in 2014, campaigning for Modi. She holds only a Pol Sc Hons degree but the company’s criteria states PG as a minimum qualification. IPAC recruits the best from IIT and IIM, but my daughter succeeded on her merit. She has garnered accolades from novice to star campaigner, as a top woman, political consultant. Esha has managed the successful campaign of YSRC Jagan in 2019 and DMK Stalin in 2021.

Indian politics, fraught with religion and caste dynamics, ignite passionate debates. Esha faces criticism for her campaigns, and I am taking the flak from family and friends. It has bordered on the offensive always. The poll fever is at its peak and the emotions as well. She does not have any party affiliation. She is just doing her job and giving her 1000% to it. I am her rock of Gibraltar and wish to see her happy.

Pic Courtesy: The Hindu

Andhra Pradesh’s political scene in 2024 is a Kurukshetra, and she is in the rannbhoomi with all swords drawn. In the present political scenario of Andhra Pradesh, the YSRCP finds itself amid a multifaceted challenge. As the incumbent party, they wield power, but they face formidable opponents on several fronts.

1. TDP: This party represents a longstanding rivalry. The TDP, as the fundamental opposition, endeavours to undermine the YSRCP’s policies and governance. The YSRCP must defend its decisions and showcase its achievements to maintain an edge over the TDP.

2. Jana Sena Party: Jana Sena, led by Pawan Kalyan, acts as a wildcard. Despite lacking the same political experience as other parties, they possess a charismatic leader and a growing youth support base. The YSRCP must monitor their movements and address any issues they raise to prevent losing ground.

3. BJP: The BJP’s entry into Andhra Pradesh politics adds another layer of complexity. They bring a distinct ideology and strong national backing; they pose a significant challenge. YSRCP should be cautious of BJP’s strategies and hold on to its support base.

For the YSRCP, it’s akin to navigating a battlefield where they must defend their stronghold. Simultaneously, they are strategizing to counter attacks from multiple directions. Remaining focused on their core principles and communicating with the public. Also, deliver on their promises to maintain their position in the dynamic political landscape of Andhra Pradesh.

Amidst the fervour of the 2024 elections, voting booths are buzzing with anticipation. Parties vie for attention, weaving promises like plot twists in an unfinished story. Every vote is a crucial plot point, shaping the narrative of the state and nation’s future. I travelled from Hyderabad to cast my vote. Seeing voters enduring the heat and waiting in line for hours to cast their vote is uplifting.

Election 2024
Pic Courtesy: India Today

The government needs to rethink the one nation one vote method. Roughly, 1 billion people are exercising their vote this year. It is the most expensive and largest democratic exercise in history. The sum used is 1.35trn rupees, which is more than double the amount spent on the 2019 election. The money of taxpayers is being squandered. When mobiles connect 90% of the population, why not let them vote from anywhere with their unique identity Aadhaar card?

Analysts and pundits speculate on the unfolding saga as citizens await the outcome. In this political theatre, the climax holds the power to redefine the destiny of millions. The 2024 elections are a pivotal moment in India’s narrative.

Opinions on the complex and nuanced situation regarding freedoms in India can vary. However, some perceive certain actions and policies of the present government as limiting freedom.

Election of 2024
Pic Courtesy: The Hans India
  1. Are we the democracy we claim to be?
  2. Are we loyal to our preamble?
  3. Are we a secular nation?
  4. Do we have freedom of speech?
  5. Is there free press?
  6. Is the Judiciary independent?
  7. Is the election commission independent?
  8. Is the PM accountable to the people?
  1. Freedom of Speech and Expression: People have challenged the Freedom of speech and expression, mainly regarding criticism of the government or certain political leaders. Critics say dissenting voices, like journalists and activists, are being harassed and face legal action.
  2. Freedom of the Press: People have raised concerns about press freedom in India. There are allegations of government censorship, intimidation of journalists, and pressure on media outlets to toe the government line. Journalists are being targeted for their reporting. Some media organizations have faced government pressure or reprisals for critical coverage.
  3. Religious Freedom: The Indian constitution is secular, but there have been concerns about religious freedom. This is particularly regarding religious minority communities. Critics argue that there is religious intolerance, hate speech, and violence targeting religious minorities, including Muslims and Christians. Criticism is high about the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) for discriminating against Muslims.
  4. Freedom of Assembly: There is a restriction on the right to peaceful assembly.Particularly, in protests against government policies or legislation. There are reports of heavy-handed police tactics, arrests of protesters, and restrictions on public gatherings.
  5. Freedom of Association: Civil society organizations, human rights groups, and NGOs face scrutiny and restrictions. This falls under laws governing foreign funding and activities. These regulations have been used to target organizations critical of the government and limit their ability to operate.

Whether India is a democratic and secular nation, opinions vary depending on one’s perspective and experiences. India’s constitution has principles of democracy, secularism, and fundamental rights. The country has a long history of vibrant democracy with free and fair elections, which has to continue.

However, challenges remain in realizing these ideals. There are concerns about the erosion of democratic norms and minority rights in recent years. Ultimately, the extent to which India upholds its democratic and secular values is a matter of ongoing debate and scrutiny.


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The Great Indian Election Circus: 2024
The Great Indian Election Circus: 2024
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The Great Indian Election Circus: 2024
The Great Indian Election Circus: 2024
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Harjeet Kaur

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  1. Political consultancy has emerged as a prominent profession over the past two decades. It’s a career that carries high risks but also offers high rewards. Wishing your child all the best in her endeavors.

  2. Rajiv Seth says:

    A born writer, reformer, advisor and a well read human being. The interest of the reader is held throughout. Not a word is wasted. Very useful and informative writings. A rainbow 🌈 of subjects, all so very much a part of our lives.
    Thank you🌹🙏

    • Harjeet Kaur says:

      Thanks Rajiv. Those adjectives are way beyond me. I am just another simple woman. But thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. Means a lot!

  3. Elections are truly a circus, with politicians resorting to all sorts of gimmicks to get votes only to never show their face again till the next election. Great pointers Harjeet to assess a party or administration before casting the vote.
    Finally all the best to your daughter Esha Singh, it’s a tough job she is doing.

    • Harjeet Kaur says:

      Thanks a ton, Preeti. Will convey your wishes to her. I just pray that she wins. Manifestos are glorious but not one of them are implemented. At least whatever Jagan said he delivered.

  4. Matheikal says:

    That’s a pretty detailed look at the existing scenario. At least it prompts us to take a deep look at it. A lot of changes are called for now. I think people are waking up from the illusion they were subjected to for ten years.

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