Christmas Fruit Skewers

Christmas Fruit Skewers

Merry Christmas! It is just around the corner. Are you ready to start the festivities? The kids have holidays and the best way to engage them is creating these simple Christmas Fruit Skewers and snowmen.  I am continuing my X-mas creations after the Watermelon Xmas Trees with these Christmas Fruit Skewers. Do try out these delightful Fruit Kebabs and Snowmen. I have always wanted to build a snowman but having lived all my life in the tropics it’s only been a pipedream. The closest I have come to making a snowman is these adorable, Xmas Banana Snowmen. I am an old woman now and my creations are far from perfect but the feeling is really genuine.

And what better way to celebrate with a Christmas Fruit Skewers?  This special treat is so easy to make and takes just a few simple ingredients.

It is also a healthy snack idea for Christmas. Kids would love to pop a snowman into their mouth or a Grinch.

Ingredients for Snowman, Grinch and Christmas Fruit Skewers

½ watermelon

4 bananas

15 strawberries

10 grapes

5 mini marshmallows (optional)

Long Skewers

Choco-chips for eyes and buttons

Carrot triangles for mouth

Fruit Picks

Tooth Picks

X-Mas Fruit Kebabs

Method for Making Xmas Snowmen

Chop the banana into round chunks. If they are thin then the skewer will break them.

Cut the strawberry bottoms…you need triangle or hat shape.

Take a bamboo skewer and thread three banana slices. Next pierce the strawberry and slip it on to the banana slices. Lastly, pierce the green grape. Once this is done lay it on a plate or tray.

Now place the chocolate sprinkles on the first banana slice as eyes and on the other two as buttons (you can even use black sesame). Take an orange sprinkle and place it as the nose or chop a tiny carrot piece into a triangle and use that. I had sugar coated saunf or fennel seeds and I used those for the mouth. I used sprinkles as kids just love them. Be innovative and use whatever is available.

Creative, cute and decorative Xmas Snowmen are ready. Eat them right away as the banana tends to blacken. But if you want to serve them later then brush the banana slices with a mixture of pineapple and lemon juice.

Xmas Fruit Kebobs
The Grinch/ Fruit Kebabs

The Grinch or Xmas Fruit kebabs

Chop the bananas into roundels and keep the edges to be used as hats.

Cut the lower half of the strawberries and pop the top in your mouth!

Wash the grapes and keep aside.

How to make the Grinch

Take a toothpick and thread the grape first.

Next slide on a banana slice and the strawberry.

Top with a mini marshmallow if you have them. We don’t get them here so I used the banana edges and some white chocolate for the hat.

Arrange the fruit picks decoratively on a serving platter.Your Grinch’s are ready but see to it that they don’t steal  your Christmas!

Christmas fruit kebabs
Christmas Fruit Skewers

Christmas Fruit Skewers

Cut stars out of the watermelon with a cookie cutter.

Cut the lower half of the strawberries and share the top with whosoever is around you. There is no one around me so I pop it in my mouth.

Banana roundels and pyramid shaped edges of the banana.

 For these Kebabs I used Bamboo Skewers. These picks have a paddled head with a pointed end and are known as Paddle Picks too.

Carefully spear the watermelon star on one pick,  skewer the banana roundel followed by the strawberry.

Top the fruit kebabs with a mini marshmallow if you get them. We don’t get them here so I used the banana edges and some white chocolate for the hat.

Make as many kebabs as you want and serve then on a fancy platter.

These Christmas fruit kebabs look so colourful and tempting. You will find the platters empty in minutes.

If you are making a big quantity then chop off one end of a cabbage and pierce these skewers in it. They will look amazing.

These are a great addition to a buffet table as they are healthy and kid-friendly.

Enjoy Christmas with your kids and create these Christmas Fruit Kebabs with your family!!

If you have missed out on the Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes, check it out for cool watermelon Xmas trees.

Christmas Fruit Skewers
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