Christmas Tree Sandwiches

Christmas Tree Sandwiches

Christmas Tree Sandwiches

Made the holidays even more festive with my Christmas Tree Sandwiches. The spirit of Christmas is to spread love and goodwill. Maybe over the next week, while we go about our daily lives, we should try to smile a little more. Be a little friendlier as we interact with others.  Let us be a little more generous place as we count our blessings. All this is a religion; a religion of humanity. We can all celebrate this tradition, can’t we?

Merry X-Mas

Wishing each one of you a Merry Christmas, happiness and prosperity, peace and health, in the New Year.

Cucumber Sandwiches

Are you as cool as a cucumber sandwich? When the British colonised the Indian subcontinent in the 19th century, they brought cucumber sandwiches to the Raj. The sandwiches became a staple of high tea and became synonymous with the opulent way of life in the Raj.

What is the recipe for a perfect cucumber sandwich? Mayo or no mayo? Crusts or no crusts? Traditionalists won’t be happy with how I made them but I do not care…this is “mera wala sandwich”!

Christmas Tree Sandwiches

These Christmas Tree Sandwiches are delicious cucumber bites to bring to the table on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. They are simple and versatile and will enchant your loved ones. The distinctiveness of these tasty bites is that they are shaped like a Christmas tree: the shape is obtained by cutting the slices of sandwich bread using just a bread knife and inserting a Popsicle stick for the trunk. You can make them with cookie cutters too but I didn’t have one so I just cut it into triangles to look like a tree.


6 slices bread

1 cucumber

½ grated carrot

3 bits of tomato or red pepper for the star

1 tbsp mayonnaise

2 tbsp Cream

1 tsp honey

½ tsp pepper

Salt to taste or NO

3 Popsicle sticks

Bread Triangles
Christmas Tree Sandwich
Mayo Cream Spread
Mayo Cream Spread
Cucumber slices
Cucumber slices
Christmas Tree Sandwiches
Christmas Tree Sandwiches


Take the bread slices and cut into triangles. Remove the crusts.

Grate the carrot and set aside. Cut the cucumber into half. Peel one half for the filling and other half keep the peel. Chop into thin round slices and further cut into half. and arrange cheese in a shingled fashion.

In a small bowl, combine mayonnaise, cream, pepper and salt if you like. Spread mixture on the bread.

Top each bread slice with cucumber slices and grated carrot. Cover with another bread triangle and arrange them in a shingled fashion.

Place the red pepper triangles on the top and insert the Popsicle stick to make the trunk of the tree.

Serve immediately.

Christmas Tree Sandwiches

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Merry X-Mas!

Christmas Tree Sandwiches
Christmas Tree Sandwiches
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Christmas Tree Sandwiches
Christmas Tree Sandwiches
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Recipe Notes
  1. Use any filling of your choice.
  2. Use a cookie cutter for the tree if you have one.
  3. Make stars with tomato or red peppers for the treetop.

Harjeet Kaur

Harjeet Kaur

My writing was limited to school essays and projects for my kids and out of the blue, my writing career began with writing articles for the magazine section of a reputed national newspaper. I rediscovered my best subject at school and began writing with gusto. I had a weekend column in the newspaper which was well appreciated. I started off writing about Interiors and Gardens and later diverse topics like Fashion, trends, food and events in the city. Juggling my time between various jobs down the years and my writing, I have written content for fliers, brochures for colleges, speeches, social media content and also website content. I love writing and I am open to writing on a plethora of topics. My blog has some interesting insights into my life and travels but now it is mainly a food blog as I am growing organic vegetables and cooking my own produce is very therapeutic. Read my blogs to know me better. I write from my heart and what I write is what I feel... I feel a feel, A funny feel A funny feel, feel I! If you feel the feel I feel You'll feel the same as I!!

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  1. Noor Anand says:

    An easy yet creative and innovative recipe. You are really very talented Harjeet! Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas to you!

  2. That’s awesome. Amazed at how you manage to get these ideas. Every post of yours has a good dose of creativity and innovation. keep it up 🙂

  3. Wow perfect recipe for Christmas celebration, I just loved it and will surly try it for my daughters tiffin.
    Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

  4. Simrit Bedi says:

    These are adorable Harjeet.. thank you for sharing.. love your creative recipes.

  5. Sivaranjini says:

    Superb creative 😊

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