Creamy Bourbon Pudding Recipe

Creamy Bourbon Pudding Recipe

Creamy Bourbon Pudding Recipe

Today’s Creamy Bourbon Pudding Recipe is for all the ladies who are fasting for their husband’s long life! It used to be kheer usually that was served but now with changing time food preferences have changed too.  So here is a creamy, chocolaty and yummy pudding for you all. Many people think desserts are too much trouble and many ingredients, but one can improvise and conjure up a delectable dish out of a few ingredients.

What is a dessert? Dessert is a sweet food, like cake, pudding, ice cream, or fruit served as the final course of a meal. Most of us like to bite into something sweet after dinner, don’t we?

How to Make Creamy Bourbon Pudding Recipe

I do not eat biscuits and I had these bourbons lying for a few days. Bourbons and chocolate make a perfect combo for dessert. A couple of friends were dropping in for dinner and I planned to use them to make a yummilicious dessert. I checked the refrigerator and there was ½ a litre of cream as well. The idea for the pudding set in and I went about conjuring a delectable pudding out of the ingredients lying around.

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Recipe for Bourbon Cream Pudding


½ litre Fresh cream

1 pkt bourbon biscuits

3/4th cup sugar powdered.

1 tbsp chocolate powder

1 tbsp coffee powder

4 tsp water


Cocoa powder

Mix the coffee powder and sugar in the water.   Separate the bourbon, dip each slice in the black coffee mixture and line a glass bowl with these bourbons.


Take the fresh cream in a bowl and fold in the powdered sugar. See that the cream is thick and not watery. Pour over the layer of bourbons. Place the bowl in the refrigerator for 30 mins.

Once the cream is set, dust the cocoa powder over the cream. Garnish with the bourbons. Place in the refrigerator and serve cool. You can garnish with chocolate chunks too or walnuts.

Creamy Bourbon Pudding Recipe

Did you like today’s Bourbon Cream Pudding? Happy fasting!

Creamy Bourbon Pudding Recipe
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Creamy Bourbon Pudding Recipe
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