Crispy Edible Diyas with Pasta Chat

Crispy Edible Diyas with Pasta Chat

Diwali and Diyas

Celebrating Diwali with Crispy Edible Diyas with Pasta Chat? How is the idea? Millions of people around India celebrate Diwali, the l Hindu Festival of Lights every year.  It is time for Diyas, fireworks, feasting and collective joy. The festival rightly rejoices the spiritual victory of good over evil symbolised by light overcoming darkness. Earthen lamps, Fireworks, candles and indicate light’s victory. Moreover, food is an integral part of any feast and I carved out Crispy Edible Diyas with Pasta Chat.

Meaning of Diwali

Preparations for Diwali begin weeks beforehand. Houses are scrubbed and painted, food ready, lamps and fireworks bought, and loads of shopping for gifts and new clothing for the family is done. The Sanskrit word “Deepavali” literally means “a row of lighted lamps” and Diyas are lit and windows and doors and kept open to make sure there is no room for darkness anywhere.

Rangoli designs are created using coloured rice flour, chalk powder, coloured sand or flower petals. Doorsteps, courtyards and floors and fairy lights, candles and flowers are used to make Rangoli patterns. I used to draw it myself but now even I use a stencil for the same. I have continued this tradition for years. Prayers are said in the evening invoking Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and then the lamps are lit.

Earthen Lamps or Diyas

Furthermore, the festival is marked by bright colours and lights, so vibrantly coloured outfits (often newly bought for the occasion) are popular. Enliven the festive ambiences by lighting traditional earthen lamps as the lighting of an earthen Diya marks the beginning of something auspicious in our lives. I feel that the earthen lamps add an exceptional glitter and charm to the house.  Equally important is to boost the traditional craftsmen this way.

Your Sparkle?

What makes you sparkle? Being with my family around me especially my grandsons brings out my inner light. If anyone tries to dim your light shine brighter. Above all, may every Diwali brighten our hearts with the light that endows us to pledge to great deeds that will in a tiny way make it a better place to live in this world. Happy Diwali!

Crispy Edible Diyas filled with Pasta Chat

How I digress! Consequently, coming back to my Crispy Edible Diyas filled with Pasta Chat; I made these crispy beauties and wondered what to fill them with. Pondering while standing in front of the fridge, and wondering what to use, my eyes fell on the fusilli packet and the green peas and sweet corn. It is a take on tokri chat but with a twist. I made Diyas by moulding flour dough on earthen lamps and fried them.

To conclude, surprise your family with these absolutely delicious and crunchy Crispy Edible Diyas filled with Pasta Chat.

How to make Diya filled with Pasta Chat? Let’s find out.




Crispy Edible Diyas with Pasta Chat
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Crispy Edible Diyas with Pasta Chat
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  1. Method for Diyas
  2. Firstly, in a mixing bowl take 1 cup Maida and ½ tsp salt. Mix well.
  3. Prepare smooth and soft dough adding water as required.
  4. Now take a ball sized dough, and flatten it.
  5. Dust flour as required and roll thin. (I like crisp Diyas).
  6. Prick the flattened dough with a fork to avoid from puffing up while frying.
  7. Place a dough disc in the earthen Diya and wrap the Diya.
  8. Trim off excess making sure the dough has covered well.
  9. Deep fry in hot oil or bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.
  10. Splash oil till the Diya separates from the dough.
  11. Now fry the dough Diya, till it turns golden and crisp.
  12. Drain and keep aside.
  13. Fry a little pasta too to make the wick of the lamp. Fry on low flame as it turns brown very easily.
  14. Method for Chat
  15. Boil pasta in enough water with little salt and oil.
  16. Strain it and remove water.
  17. Boil the sweet corn and green peas together.
  18. Strain and keep aside.
  19. Mix all above ingredients and squeeze the lemons.
  20. Adjust all ingredients according to your taste.
  21. Fill prepared mixture into the Diyas and garnish with
  22. Mint, coriander, spring onion greens and peppers.
  23. Enjoy yummy Crispy Edible Diyas filled with Pasta Chat.
  24. You can enjoy it without Diyas too just as I did.
Recipe Notes

Prepare Diyas beforehand and store in airtight container.

Mix chat just before serving.

Fry the Diyas on low to medium flame to turn crisp and golden.

Finally, use the shape of the Diya of your choice to make small or large Diya chat recipe.


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