Homemakers to Homebakers

Homemakers to Homebakers

Homemakers to Homebakers

Book Title: Homemakers to Homebakers

Genre: Eggless Baking

Author: Samira Gupta

Number of Pages: 83

Available:  Ebook in PDF In Blogchatter Library


Welcome to the world of Samira Gupta’s Homemakers to Homebakers which is not just a recipe book on Eggless baking. It is a comprehensive book on Baking with really useful tips for baking a perfect cake. Newbies to baking should use this for reference.

Samira has transformed the cliché that without eggs one cannot make delicious baked goodies. Most people do not have ovens to bake; Samira teaches us to bake in a Pressure Cooker and Air fryer along with the traditional OTG and Microwave.

About Homemakers to Homebakers

Cupcakes can be served at tea parties or children’s birthday party or just a nice dessert for yourself or the family. Home crafted cakes or cupcakes add a special touch to make great memories.  The book lists twelve main recipes of cakes, muffins and a Mug cake making use of egg substitutes in an accomplished manner. Healthy is the benchmark and instead of sugar, Brown sugar or jaggery has been used in some recipes. It throws light on some of the distinctive ingredients like Ragi, Semolina and Wheat flour which are healthy alternatives to regular flour. Using this anyone could bake eggless cakes with ease. Hence, this book steers those who don’t like using eggs on their baking journey. Apart from different cake-making procedures, there are tips for making the perfect Whipped Cream for the frosting.

The Extra Specials

Samira has some amazingly creative answers to baking and has a knack for making the recipes simple and bakeable. Recipe books usually stick to recipes and hand out tips in the recipe but Samira has a whole section for tips on Baking and thanks to this book, readers can learn about baking equipment too and stock their shelves accordingly. The easy to follow directions for how to assemble those cakes are innovative and comforting at the same time. Additionally, there are two important sauces listed out; chocolate and strawberry to create the best cupcakes and cakes for every occasion. If you like to bake then it would be a unique addition to your bookshelf.

Baking is an intricate process with perfect measuring and it would be much easier to follow if there were Videos or step by step pictures.

About the Author

Samira is a passionate cook who churns out new and innovative recipes in her kitchen. Being a self-learnt baker, she candidly admits that she did have her shares of kitchen disasters as most bakers but never gave up trying.

I recommend Homemakers to Homebakers as it is not just a recipe book on Eggless baking rather it is a comprehensive book on Baking with really useful tips for baking a perfect cake to everyone as it shares healthy alternatives to baking cakes with wheat flour, ragi and semolina, it is eggless and has all the info about baking. You can download the book for free in the BlogChatter Library albeit for a limited period.

This review is a part of BlogChatter Book review program and I am thoroughly enjoying reading books of different genres. #BlogchatterEbook

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