How to make Lachha Paratha


How to make Lachha Paratha

Sharing How to make Lachha Paratha in an easy way. It looks complicated but it is not. Lachha paratha or Lachhedar paratha is another popular paratha recipe from Punjabi cuisine. The best thing about this is it is made from whole wheat flour. Lachha actually means whorls or spiral rings that can be seen on the paratha.

It is served with Rich Curries

Punjabis have a variety of Rotis and parathas which come in different shapes as well. Some of them go well with everyday dals and vegetables while others are special and go well with rich curries or gravies. Laccha Paratha is one such roti which goes well with spicy chicken or vegetarian curries. I usually love to serve these parathas with Shahi Paneer, Kadai or Butter chicken to name a few.

Layered Paratha

Preparing this whorled Paratha, a layered flaky and rich bread is not very difficult. I bring you the step by step photo recipe for an extremely easy and unique technique and provides detailed instructions to help you make perfectly layered paratha which show you how to make them. It is a quintessence of cooking art which we can make from common ingredients by just arraying a new technique in its preparation. Just make a layered disc and grease it liberally with ghee and roast it until it is golden brown.

I bring you this amazing and mouthwatering Masala Lachha Paratha too which has Kasuri methi flavour. The aroma of this Paratha wafts through the air and tickles the palate. Make this on any special occasion or parties at home.

One of my favourites is Mooli ka Paratha do check it out and Aloo ka paratha with raw potatoes


For Lachha Paratha

2 cup Wheat Flour

1 tsp carom seeds or ajwain.

Salt to Taste

 1 cup warm milk for kneading

2 tablespoon + for shallow frying Ghee (clarified butter)

For Masala Lachha Paratha

1 tsp Kasuri Methi

½ tsp garam masala

Lachha Paratha Dough


Take wheat flour, ghee, carom and salt in a large bowl. Knead smooth dough by mixing all ingredients and adding warm milk in small amounts Addition of water in small quantities as required will prevent you from adding too much water to bind the dough. The dough should be soft and pliable like roti dough. Grease surface of dough with 1/2 teaspoon oil, cover it with a clean muslin cloth and leave it to rest at room temperature for 15 minutes.

Rolling out  paratha
Lachha Paratha

Divide dough into equal rolls and give each a shape of a ball. The size needs to be bigger than the one for roti. Take one ball of dough, flatten it like a disc on a rolling board and dust it with wheat flour.

Rolling the dough

Roll out the dough ball in a circular disc neither too thin nor thick. Now spread ghee evenly over the entire surface using a brush or your hand and sprinkle a little dry wheat flour over it.

Hold a half-inch wide strip with your first two fingers and thumb from the top edge of the rolled disc, lift and fold backwards such that top edge remains on top.

Now hold the end of the pleated strip and roll it like a swiss roll.

Press and stick outer-end against the rolled surface. Prepare all the remaining rolls like this.

.how to roll
Lachha Paratha

Take one roll and place it horizontally on a rolling board. Coat it with dry wheat flour and roll it out gently without applying too much pressure and give it a round shape.

Lachha Paratha rolling technique
Rolling out Lachha Paratha

This was one way of rolling. Another would be to cut strips in the rolled disc.

Roll each strip and place it on the next and roll it again till you reach the end.

Different rolling method
Lachha Paratha

Now you can roll it out on a flour-dusted rolling board again.

Roasting Lachha Paratha
Roasting the Lachha Paratha

Heat a Tawa or griddle. Place the rolled paratha on the hot Tava. Flip it after a few seconds.

Generously spread ghee over this side and flip again. Roast until both sides are nicely golden-brown.

Laccha Paratha with Kadai Chicken

Transfer to a serving plate and spread butter or ghee as per your liking.. Soft and flaky parathas are ready. Serve them with curry of your choice or with Kadai Chicken, like I did or with Butter Chicken.

Masala Lachha Paratha

I have added Kasuri methi to the dough in addition to carom and salt. You can add any flavour of your choice for a Masala Lachha Paratha.

Kasuri methi paratha
Masala Lachha Paratha
Butter chicken with Masala Lachha paratha
How to make Lachha Paratha
How to make Lachha Paratha
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How to make Lachha Paratha
How to make Lachha Paratha
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Recipe Notes
  1. Add warm milk for soft Lachha Parathas
  2. Add enough ghee for tasty parathas.
  3. Add flavours of your choice for Masala Lachha Paratha

Laccha Paratha

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