“IF” Humans Were Animals? #BlogchatterA2Z

“IF” Humans Were Animals? #BlogchatterA2Z

“IF” Humans Were Animals? #BlogchatterA2Z | A spoof!

Buffalo head

Yesterday while driving to work as usual I saw a truck full of buffaloes at the traffic light. The Buffaloes were packed like sardines in a can….except that the sardines are dead while these were on their way to the abattoir. I tried taking a picture from my cell but by the time the light turned green and the humans behind me were honking as if I was deaf, I missed it.

Right then I decided I had to put this down as “IF” Humans Were Animals? #BlogchatterA2Z | A spoof!

This morning, same traffic lights and again the same sight. 20 buffaloes had been packed together headed towards the slaughterhouse to be fried or roasted or curried and served on the platter of the so-called higher species-HUMANS! Where they will be relished, deboned, digested and forgotten!

Me and my crazy imagination. I was imagining what if it was humans being transported like that and they knew that they are going to be butchered!

Pic courtesy Satirical illustrations

Well, here goes…..
“IF” Humans Were Animals? #BlogchatterA2Z | A spoof!

”Arre..How rude and ill mannered, people are nowadays!” says Ms.Hoity Toity.”I need my space and look at him, he is ogling and brushing against me. Hands off, you lecher”

“Hey you, stop stepping on my toes, I just got a pedicure from Shehnaz.”What a brute snortles Ms.Twinkletoes.

Mr.Moneypants roars, “I will report this to the PMO, how can they not have an executive seat for me..Will start a twitter war on this issue.”

“I wish I could nod off for a few minutes, and then it will be an eternal sleep,” sighed old Ms.Wrinklebags,” but this young man can’t stop pushing me and leaning over to drool over the young girl beside me! Aaaaahhhhh…..yawwwwwwwn”

Mr Smarty Pants, the cool dude was worried about his spiked hair getting [read horns] locked in the nest like hairdo the aunt beside him sported. He kept complaining but she couldn’t help it coz there was no space to move!

The radical thinker, “I am waiting to be slaughtered, then I go to hell. Then there will be nothing to worry about as I will be so busy meeting my friends!”


These were humans that were on their way to be slaughtered and they still couldn’t compromise on the last minutes of their journey to hell!

Humans don’t realize the comfort they seek when they travel. They start using the sanitizer if someone as much as touches the seat allotted to them.

Is PETA listening?? How can the speechless animals be tied together with their horns locked, necks bent and packed in a small space. To whom do they complain? Who is listening to them? Don’t they have any rights?

Pic Courtesy The News Minute

It is despicable actually, how animals are treated by humans. There are animals that are carnivores and those that are herbivores but there is the man who is omnivores…..crows and pigs are omnivores too.

Am not propagating vegetarianism here but I would like to see humans showing some empathy for the poor, speechless animals and treat them with some respect. Cruelty towards animals needs to be curtailed and we should all raise our voice against it.

On the other end of the spectrum are radical or I would say vigilante Hindus, butchering those who trade in buffalo and cow meat. How senseless is that? In India we do not breed cattle for slaughter, only put to the knife, old, spent and unproductive buffaloes.

Inhuman Transport of Buffaloes
Inhuman Transport of Buffaloes

The picture that I have posted here is what I took this morning…..just look at the poor beasts, the untold story is in their painful eyes! “IF” Humans Were Animals? #BlogchatterA2Z | A spoof!

Sad Buffalo
Sad Buffalo

16 thoughts on ““IF” Humans Were Animals? #BlogchatterA2Z”

  1. Such a relevant post and sort of exposes our hypocrisy at several levels. Animal rights groups and civil society members attack pharma companies that use animal experiment. They attack Jalikattu festival. But the same group remain silent on the way buffaloes are transported. How cattle owners let loose their cows on the street when animals do not produce any more milk. Animals die eating plastic from garbage dump. When cow worshippers attack cow smugglers or cattle traders, we see a lot of hue and cry in the media. Rightfully so, because no one has right to violence. But what about abominable transport condition for these animals? What about the brutal way chickens are stored in a small wire mesh cage with no water under sun? Why there is no law barring such a practice? Why no heart bleeds for these animals? Some logical smart people argue, are you a vegetarian? What right do you have to protest, if you are not? Even if I am a meat eater, does it mean that animals has to bear such cruelty on the pretext that they are going to be killed anyway? Why not kill an animal in a humane way and earn a little less profit? All round hypocrisy on every side stuns me.

  2. Oh no, I’m feeling so bad for these poor animals. I often think about the “survival of the fittest’ mantra humans live by. It’s so unfair, and it may come back to bite us someday. Thought-provoking post!

  3. I hope PETA gets this, It was so disheartening to read this, although we all very much aware of this practice we humans are designed in such manner that things don’t affect us until it really affect us directly. Great Post.

  4. Well written Ma’am, we as humans are the most pathetic animals. I don’t want to comment upon the non-vegetarian platters but yes when I see a blue whale dead with tons of plastic inside, a cow eating garbage and a dog being brutally thrown from the rooftop of a building, this boils me up. It we can’t alter our food preferences we need to really do something about our carbon footprint

  5. If humans were Animals!!!
    Some other species were to be in place of humans! Theories of evolution say It is the fittest who survives. Nature selects the better individuals and eliminates those who can’t keep pace with the change. Right now Nature is on the side of humans. Oh…I am sorry…I started a class here. 😊 Have you noticed the number of abandoned cattles is on the rise? Such is Human…

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