Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes

Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes is a great way to get the kids in the kitchen. Christmas for me was stringing streamers and decorations in school and singing Carols. Later when my kids were there it was just hanging a star outside the house. It has been years since that too now. Last year I was in Guadalajara, Mexico and by far the best Christmas ever with both my grandsons. The whole city was ablaze with poinsettias, huge trees lighted up and our own huge Christmas tree in the house.

“O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree
You’ll ever be unchanging
A symbol of goodwill and love
You’ll ever be unchanging
Each shining light, each silver bell
No one alive spreads cheer so well
O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree
You’ll ever be unchanging”

This year I am home alone but wanted to keep the Xmas spirit alive; I conjured up these tiny Christmas finger foods which my grandson would have loved to make with me and eat too.He loves watermelon.

IIf you have your kids around you or your grandchildren then involve them and make these easy Christmas trees with watermelons. They will be thrilled and will gobble up the edible Santas, Grinch, X-mas trees or snowmen.

While making these, quaint Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes finger foods tell the kids your own Christmas experiences as a kid, believe me, they will love it.

Watermelon Xmas tree Popsicle

Watermelon X-Mas Tree Popsicles

Things needed

1 watermelon

10 Popsicle Sticks

Sharp KnifeThe easiest to make is the Watermelon Christmas trees. Yes, watermelons are available throughout the year these days. With just a little bit of cutting skills, a wedge of watermelon can be converted into Watermelon Christmas Tree Popsicles.

Just cut the watermelon into half down the centre of a long one.

Cut the half into two again in the centre. Now cut into half inch wedges.

Make a tiny gash in the centre and insert a Popsicle stick. It looks just like an Xmas tree. You can freeze it and have it like a Popsicle or eat it as a fruit.

Watermelon Mini X-mas Trees´╗┐

Things needed

1 watermelon

Sharp Knife

Just cut the watermelon into half down the centre of a long one.

Cut the half into two again in the centre. Now cut into half inch wedges.

Take the wedge and lay it flat on a chopping board. Carefully cut the sides leaving a one inch piece of the rind in the centre for the treetrunk.

These cute little Mini X-mas trees will delight everyone.

Xmas Tree

More such charmers in my next blog. Stay tuned!

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