Mango|Kobbari Mammidikai or Coconut Mango| #BlogchatterA2Z

Mango|Kobbari Mammidikai or Coconut Mango| #BlogchatterA2Z

Kobbari Mammidikaya

Mango|Kobbari Mammidikai or Coconut Mango|

Mango is the King of Fruits and Kobbari Mammidikai or Coconut Mango is really special. It is summer and I can’t help but talk about mangoes! King of fruits needs attention, doesn’t it? The mango is the national fruit of India. The beginning of summer in South India or the whole of peninsular India is marked by the beginning of mango season. The combination of soaring temperatures and these Mango|Kobbari Mammidikai or Coconut Mango| # BlogchatterA2Z, tangy crunchy fruits in the market sends everyone into a tizzy! The only thing to look forward to in summer is the advent of mangoes and they make the summer bearable. India is the largest producer and exporter of Mangoes in the world.

Kobbari Mammidikai or Coconut Mango is special

But then there are so many varieties, and we should give the mango due respect due to its royal lineage. There are different varieties of mangoes and most of us connect mangos to syrupy sweet. Well, the raw mango that we get closer home is a unique variety which is not available elsewhere. It is known as Kobbari Mammidikai or Coconut Mango due to its size and also texture when cut.

Mangoes on the tree

This mango is native to Andhra Pradesh and is much looked forward to by everyone around these parts. A single mango is selling now from 40 to 100 rupees depending on the size! Not many years ago it was available for 10!

Raw but Sweet, Tangy but Tasty

Kobbari Mammidikaya

This mango is green and is eaten raw but it is not sour. It is sweet, a little tangy and crunchy and is eaten by slicing it into thin or thick slices, and by liberally sprinkling salt and red chilli powder on it. Yes, it is sweet and yes we add the salt as well as chilli powder as it enhances the taste.

My brother, sisters and nieces, nephews, who live in the north crave for them and if I am travelling during the summer one bag is full of these unripe mangos, ripe too and of course a huge box of mango rice. (Recipe for mango rice is here. Couple more recipes coming up soon on this exceptionally loved fruit-Mango!

Kobbari Mammidikaya

Eat Kobbari Mammidikai or Coconut mango to your full. I eat one whole Mango at a time and don’t even burp after eating. Gluttonous, am I?

Here are recipes for some Easy Mango desserts.

Kobbari Mammidikaya

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    • Thanks, Vartika…u shud still eat them..why don’t u? What I posted are a different species exclusive to AP…I just sent them to my brother in Bhopal and my daughter in Hyderabad. When the craving hits then u have to eat it πŸ™‚

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