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Spaghetti Chicken Noodles

Spaghetti Chicken Noodles

Reality can be stranger than fiction just like these Spaghetti Chicken Noodles! Noodles are not easily available in the market ...

Carrot-Beans-Coconut Vepudu

  Indian food has so many different regional cuisines and nearly all have abundant options for every vegetable.  I usually ...


  Spicyyyyyyyyyyyyyy   This one-Pot Meal of Mushroom-Carrot-Noodles was a last-minute shot to rustle up some ...

Ribbon Sandwiches

Ribbon sandwiches are an Indianised version of the soft, dainty butter or cheese sandwiches of the English. Easy to make ...

Vegetable Corn Soup

Vegetable Corn Soup

Vegetarian Corn Soup made with fresh corn, carrots, beans thickened with cornflour. Spiked with sugar and a variety of sauces

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