The Woman That I Am | Rainbow Colours of my Life

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Rainbow Colours of my Life
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The Woman That I Am | Rainbow Colours of my Life

Que sera sera…whatever will be, will be, the futures, not ours to see…Que sera sera…..

The Woman That I Am | Rainbow Colours of my Life! When I was just a little girl I read a story that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and innumerable people chase it. But it is elusive. For me, life itself was a riot of colours….married at 19…OMG! Yes! How colourful it was….bhangra, gidda for days, then my son brought about myriads of colours into my life just a year after. Motherhood is so complete and oh so wonderful and with a partner who dotes on you….masha allah…kya kehne…..I thought my life was complete…and I didn’t need anything else.

The thought of another child was farthest from my mind but my sasuma was after my life saying, “Just imagine, no girl and no baraat coming to my door after having three sons… granddaughters??” Well, point there! Then came my daughter…..the joy she brought was remarkable… husband [all for sons] totally ignored my son and doted on her…spoilt her rotten. I was treated like a queen by him but my princess soon took my place. It got so bad, that if I wanted to go out on Sunday I had to beg my daughter to placate her dad 🙂 She made him dance to her tunes….literally.

21 years of Marital Bliss

Time passed and we celebrated our 21st anniversary….you may say…so what?? Big deal, many couples do…..but ours was a unique marriage where we never fought even once in 21yrs…..I don’t remember him raising his voice neither did I !! Albeit I did most of the compromising and sacrificing. As he was a businessman I raised the kids almost singlehandedly. I never nagged, never made unreasonable demands for fancy clothes or jewellery. When m brother-in-law and sis-in-law had a grand party on their 25th anniversary with a humongous gathering, we both then decided we would rather go off to Switzerland by ourselves [anniversaries should be private, isn’t it?]

Wasn’t my life full of colour? The Woman That I Am | Rainbow Colours of my Life

You must be thinking about how idyllic my life was. Then came the Holocaust. He just left me to spend time with HIM up there. All of a sudden, my life was colourless. Stark….my rainbow disappeared. No more anniversaries, Switzerland remained a dream.

After his demise, I was thrown into a mire of slush and filth which was sucking me deep inside. Family, Society and friends treated me shabbily. I was cheated out of the business and properties. But my kids’ faces implored me to pull myself out. I huffed and puffed and came out with many bruises mentally. Instead of giving up and crumbling I rose like a phoenix from the ashes.

Depression set in and check how I fought that here.

I gathered my wits and started working towards creating a new rainbow. My kids were my rainbow and the entire colour palette I needed. My son got placed in TCS and my daughter stood school second with 94.6% the same year. Main to rang gayi, I felt. My rainbow was back and I could now see the pot of gold at the end of it in their faces. Son is doing well now and I am a doting grandma of two adorable munchkins. My daughter is a go-getter and made it to the top of the corporate ladder with sheer dint of her confidence.

Life is full of colour if you see it optimistically and positively……never say die spirit goes a long way towards your goal. From a comfortable homemaker to a company executive and a columnist with The Hindu, now a freelance writer and entrepreneur, I have changed many colours and I enjoyed them all.

Holi-the Festival of Colours

It is Holi tomorrow and according to societal norms, I can’t play Holi as I am a widow! But I do not care for these artificial and fake traditions. My life is bright with the vibrant faces of my family. What else can a woman ask for? Is there any less colour in my life now?

I am drenched in Eastman, Technicolor, and digital colours!

I am a live wire, an independent woman living for herself and a proud mom.

Aren’t I colourful from the top of my hennaed hair to the tips of my silver painted toes?

My Rainbow
The woman that I am

42 thoughts on “The Woman That I Am | Rainbow Colours of my Life”

  1. It’s good that you came back with a bang and have a loving family. But why go with societal norms which are wrong. Why can’t a widow play Holi and why can’t you challenge it. It’s ok you don’t care but think about a young widow. Isn’t what we all are standing for. I apologise if you find this rude. But please think about this.

    • Thanks for stopping by Ruchi. Now I will play Holi tomorrow. This January I decided I am going to live for myself. And I care a damn for what anyone says now. I was vulnerable back then but not anymore. Nothing rude about what u said. I wud have said the same. Happy Holi and do check out my blog for some delectable recipes.

  2. You have presented your life’s struggles in such positive colors. Salute to your optimistic approach, confidence and strength to rebuild yourself. I felt for you through your writing. You have indeed traversed the rainbow of life and found your pot of gold. An inspiration for many!

  3. What an incredible lady you are! You are the rainbow yourself. You do not need external rainbows, my dear. I am so glad you were able to overcome all the curve balls life threw at you. It is a great thing that your kids stood with you. More power to you and them. Happy holi! Saare rang aapke hain, khushi se rang kheliye, duniya ka kya! Aapko dekhke jalne wale bhi honge, seekhne waale bhi. Unki marzi, Aap apne dil ki hi karen!

    Much love,

  4. You’ve been strong… It’s amazing to know how you’ve pulled yourself and achieved so much. Kudos to you. Loved the title of your post rainbow colours and how you used it subsequently in the write up. A truly inspiring life.
    Deepika Sharma

  5. A very heartfelt post, Harjeet. I seriously admire women like you who stand up strong for themselves and come back up. Writing about this and then how you got back up itself would’ve been a turmoil, but how well this post has turned out shows your strong will and dedication. #salute to you Harjeet.

  6. Harjeet, I follow you on Twitter and so I can vouch on you as a blogger. I have often wondered how nice it would have been if my son had a grandmother like you. Such yummy delicacies you make!!! But I didn’t ever guess what you’ve gone through. So proud of you. Keep going!! You have many followers….like me who look up to you.


  7. Love your writer’s voice Harjeet- it is honest, raw and immediately sucks the reader in.
    We have a lot to learn from you about facing life head-on. Keep spreading the positivity, good cheer and of course colour!

  8. Head to toe you are colorful . With your children beside you and grandchildren in your lap you are beautiful with a lot of strength . Don’t bother about society , celebrate yourself . You are a rising sun . Happy holi to you and your whole family . Love you .

  9. Harjeet you are such a fascinating woman with so many facets! I’m so glad that I met you through blogging! Your warmth and loving nature come shining right through your writing! Never fear and as you say we need to be examples for the next generation. Hope more women have it better…

  10. You are one of the strongest I know. I understand the pain you endure everyday missing the rainbow of your life but you did a commendable job and made a new rainbow for yourself. Go to that swiss trip by yourself because I am sure he would love to see you doing what you both wanted to do together. #damurureads Urvashi

  11. Harjeet I am such a huge fan of yours. Specially after reading this post I admire and respect you even more. Coming out of depression and fighting for your rights and making the life a rainbow again is not easy after what you have been through. I specially love your recipe posts and I respect how strong you are. Keep writing and rocking.

  12. Wow… I am so inspired by reading your story. You are a true example of women can do anything they want, time, age, hardships all bow their head when a women roar against them. Thank you for sharing your journey Ma’am!

  13. What a wonderful post, I salute you. What a optimistic way to see life yes you have found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You should be playing Holi you have burnt the evil your inner demons and come out bravely

  14. Married at 19, seriously? Wow! You never fought with your husband in 21 years, amazing. I fought daily, Just kidding. I salute your spirit and hard work and dedication. You have a very beautiful family. God bless you and your familyI. After the loss of your husband how you came strong is really an inspiration.Happy Holi to you and your family.

    Deepika Mishra

  15. You are one awesome lady I have met online, your life deserves to be as colorful as your daily food platter. We have spoken at length about your journey and I know the struggle and courage you have shown which made you the woman you are, so lots of hugs to you and more power to you, hope you played Holi today 🙂

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  17. Wow, Harjeet you played colourfully and nicely with the words in the post, loved it a lot.
    You have seen all shades and colour of life maybe that’s why you glow like a rainbow. Of course, I’m a fan of your delicacies and words too, no wonder your experiences weave them all. Loads of hugs and more power to you.

  18. What happened with you could’ve easily crushed anyone but am so proud of you for accepting it and moving on with your head held high. Life is a rainbow and sorrow is but one of its colours. Enjoy your time with your beautiful family now. Cheers!

  19. You are a lady that has a power to make a rainbow by her own Harjeet, you lived your life like a queen with her king, although time took ugly turn, leaving you in dark, but you know “nothing can dim the light of those who shines within“, and you have that spark, that no one can snatch your this quality not even destiny, such an inspirational lady you are, I m Feeling blessed to have a connect with you through blogging Harjeet, keep shining!

  20. Wow, amazing are a strong, powerful and positive lady. you inspiring me on how to face all obstacles of life and bring happiness and smile in our life. loved reading your post and more power to you.


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