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My Portfolio | Hi, I am Harjeet Kaur

I love to read and write and they are interlinked isn’t it? I write because I want my voice to be heard. I observe people and things around me with a keen eye and then I need to ramble with my words and weave a story around them.Below  is my Portfolio where there are a few of my published work and articles that I have written. I have a flair for writing on miscellaneous  topics and I thrive on challenges.

I am a freelance content writer and the answer to all your content generation needs. I thrive on writing and content writing gets my adrenaline pumping. Stringing words and vocabulary is my passion as well as my bread and butter. Whether it is lifestyle content, ghost-writing, blogging, features or articles, covers the whole gamut of writing that I can pen down. My writing has been much appreciated as it attracts, engrosses as well as captivates.Communication is my strong point and I get across thoughts right from the heart.  An avid and dedicated blogger, my blog is valued by family and friends alike.

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Article Writing

Content Writing Portfolio Amravati Times 1

Amravati Times

Spectators Spellbound by Araku Beauty Spirits Soar at Balloon Festival

Content Writing Portfolio Amravati Times 2

Amravati Times

Honour to Telugus – The elevation of Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu

Content Writing Portfolio Amravati Times 3

Amravati Times

Interview with Chetana Chukkapalli

Content Writing Portfolio Amravati Times 6

Amravati Times

ISB – Brilliance is the bedrock at this B-School

Content Writing Portfolio Amravati Times 7Content Writing Portfolio Amravati Times 7

Amravati Times

Your Health is in your Hands

Content Writing Portfolio Amravati Times 8

Amravati Times

Healer with a Holistic Approach

Content Writing Portfolio Amravati Times 10

Amravati Times


Content Writing Portfolio Amravati Times 11

Amravati Times


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Guest Lectures

Complete Website

Content Writing Portfolio About Us Page Ahinsadham


About Us

Newspaper Writing

Newspaper Article Writing 1
Newspaper Article Writing 2

Flier Writing

Flier Writing 1
Flier Writing Retreat to The City

Cover Story Writing

Flier Writing Better Interiors

Brochure Writing

Brochure Writing
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