Book Review of 26 Days 26 Ways to a Happier You

Book Review of 26 Days 26 Ways to a Happier You

Title of the book: 26 Days 26 Ways to a Happier You

Genre: Mental Health

Author: Priyanka Nair

This Book review has been written as a part of Blogchatter e-book carnival.

Introduction to 26 Days 26 Ways to a Happier You

At the outset, the blogchatterA2Z challenge had me following at least 20 bloggers daily and Priyanka’s blog was one I used to look out for first and I really wanted to do the Book Review of 26 Days 26 Ways to a Happier You. I suffer from chronic depression and I could relate so well to what she writes as Virtual Siyahi, inking down her feelings and all of those depressed unfortunate souls so well. These days we have more detractors than supporters whose main aim in life is to tear you apart like barracudas.  

Priyanka Connects

Priyanka says “Not all my friends are my subscribers, hardly any relative or known person admire my efforts”. This touched a chord because I have the same going for me. So Priyanka makes a connect with her reader in the starting itself. Priyanka is a fighter and a survivor and I feel as if she is penning down my thoughts.  Her book 26 Days 26 Ways to a Happier You is a saga of pain and survival; showing that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The theme of the book

To illustrate, Priyanka is a mental health awareness blogger. And in this book, she shares some invaluable gems on how to deal with different kinds of mental problems. In a world where mental health issues are taboo;, Priyanka explains the distress and how to stick it out in spite of the world collapsing around you. I would say that this book is endorsed by me for everyone. Especially, for people suffering from depression and for others; to better understand depressed persons and support them to come out of it.

Book Review of 26 Days 26 Ways to a Happier You

In this fast-paced world with the dog eats dog mentality people are afflicted with anxiety and stress. This book could help them on their road to recovery. Only those who undergo depression can actually comprehend the mindset and help others. Priyanka is a survivor herself and makes an instant connection with the reader. Additionally, she has excellent pointers on how to cope without sounding condescending. She is doing her bit by spreading mental health awareness through this handy book. Encompassing all the topics in alphabetical order.

Commencing with Acceptance which is rightfully the first lesson for depression. Once you accept and talk about your condition the battle is half won. “SELF first, Self-Acceptance is certainly the key to happiness”. The quest for fear, Inner Peace, Societal stigmas and you are your only Limit are chapters that stand out. Priyanka has not shied away from airing out her personal travails. These will strike a chord in any person under depression and will help bolster their confidence.

Most important of all, the “Gita Saar” is explained in layman’s terms. Done with such ease should be an eye-opener for the reader. What I loved about the book is the way Priyanka forcefully talks about unfair society. She personally, gives a damn about it. If each one of us starts thinking like her there would not be any; “Log Kya kahenge” or what will society say! Finally, she states;” It is only YOU who can bring out the best in you and trust me you will outshine! Be you in all ways and always”

About the Author Priyanka Nair

Priyanka Nair holds a master’s in finance and gave up her burgeoning career working in multinational companies. She took this step to devote more time to her daughter. Additionally, to pursue her interest in helping people with mental health issues through her blog and books. She is a North Indian married to a South Indian. Bravely, facing the challenges of balancing a different culture and tradition. Her blog is apparently new since she started in 2017. This book is her first foray as an author who has in the field of mental health awareness.

My verdict:

To sum up, I would say that this book is a must-read for each and every one of us. More so for those going through the agony of anxiety. It could lead you away from suicidal thoughts and help you accept who you are.


You can download your copy which is available free but for a limited period here.

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